Easter Fiesta

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THE FEAST OF EASTER. a branches and sometimes very very young children. You, the most beautiful girl of our childhood, eyes clear sky clouds color is your heavenly cloud was, your brave brothers to defend the honor of the sister, my cousins were jealous of my success in school and my friend that later in our maturity basely betray his best friend. And forget Javicho, with his limp recent happy part of our forays in the processions of penitents. Nor forget the crazy and narish Carlos Monzon. It was fun away from home on Easter, to make our raids epic for all the processions, by the way I so in love with the beautiful aurora, with blue eyes that sit on the steeple of the church, many times I looked. I stopped my pace and watched the sky in their blue eyes.

Javicho, his voice hoarse and stopped calling me my contemplation. And the big nose of Monzon mocked that I like girls. For them it was not yet born love, only the game was on the streets of our people. All together in the house of Sonia, and we were getting ready for the adventure of the day. Vigils began with pain on Monday. At Mass we watched the ceremony of the Mass, but we were bored too much preaching. We listened to long sermons of the priests, did not understand what he said and many times already dormitabamos in the pews, but felt the elbow of one of our colleagues, we woke and confused not knowing what had happened.