Economic Crisis

Most problems in life, one way or another connected with his family relationships. And, unfortunately, in a difficult situation now, there are enough potential pitfalls, which can be broken ships many families. Today I'll tell you about the most terrible of them, and you really try them not "descend". The main features of the Russian family lie in the fact that: 1. The family usually is trehpokolennoy 2. Material and moral relationship of family members from one another is very high, 3. There is a fusion and confusion of family roles, indistinct separation of functions in the family. People are forced to negotiate all the time, and can not be definitively agreement.

Very often, in the Russian family is a process of substitution, when everyone in the family may be functionally and every time anyone. For example, in the family grandmother raising a child is actually functional mother of his grandson, a husband and wife share the bed, bound intimate relationship, but may be it does not relate the care and intimacy, because the husband is spiritually and emotionally closer to his mother, he first just take care of its interests. Functionally, this man is the husband of his mother and his wife's lover. The family lives mainly on her husband's money, but the family budget allocates the same grandmother, so that functionally it is the head of household, 4. Identity and sovereignty are virtually absent. The younger generation is much tighter and tougher due to the previous generation than in the West, tradition, continuity, and both expressed a state of conflict explicitly.