Economics State University

Dear reader, you wrote a cool student life Denis X, incidentally, Faculty of Economics (Budget Group), the city will not speak – afraid of sleeping. I wanted to share my impressions on the flow, more precisely, to surrender the unified state examination in 2008. Lived – not whole school and then like a bolt from the blue – 11 class, the very beginning of adulthood, should be determined by the profession to earn normal money, to fly from parental nest and further not to grieve. I have a penchant for mathematics since childhood, but like the Department of Mathematics is not very far-sighted, based on the realities of today, the parents have chosen the Faculty of Economics State University. After this has gone – gone, enrolled in training courses, parents find tutors with a Uni to prepare for the unfortunate cse also coached the school we are, in short, soaked in a knowledge like a sponge, tired of the same year as a dog. So come the month of May – he is decisive in the battle for the granite of science. At the preparatory course was a rumor that there is a web site with options and answers to the cse, which actually be on the exam, no one really could not say, rumors and speculation – not betray this value.

Then a friend – a classmate gave me a link to the site you want, I thought that plus will not pay for access (money is not much like), and downloaded versions and responses to the cse on one subject for testing – thinking that fraudsters, because that just does not happen. Took questions one version, started proreshivat with textbooks, it appears that all the correct answers, then optionally, the time did not want to spend, of each option, taking questions and checked – everything matches. Still not particularly looking forward to the acquisition, has prepared a cheat sheet – you never can tell, the time spent not a lot, the site argued said that a total of 15 options for each region is allocated. So imperceptibly the day came the first exam, I got the same version which I proreshival home, checking answers site – just a good memory, happiness was not limit, the first thought – thanks to a friend. Since the first exam has been overcome, however, does not know how well.

Ahead was another two, the most important: the Russian language and math – and again already known website, new options, , cribs. In Russian, however, had to write 15 essays on topics provided by the site, but it's better than a complete unknown. After the second exam, I have no doubt – the site works, you can cancel without much straining, Though look, but a lot of time. The third exam went like clockwork, had only to wait for results. And here they come – one 94 points, the second – 93, and the third – already 95! After that, I realized that the epic of the receipt ended, and in comparison with others, I very lightly, thanks to the creators site! I hope that somebody helped with the problem of income.