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This illuminator is about as bright as an old-fashioned 400 Watt halogen lamp with only 40 watts. There is now no reason for even longer to wait for the environment and the wallet a change on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. With the also brand-new SURFACELINE stainless steel product line a pool lights in the market is available for the first time, which optimized for retrofitting so far not lit pools. With only 9mm thick can it to be bolted just on existing concrete walls, the power cord fits E.g. behind the tiles.

Thus, operators can retrofit strong lamps without risky construction measures which jeopardise the tightness of the pool, up to 4000 lumens. You replace approximately 400 Watt halogen light, and are available in several colors available. The various series of LED illuminators from AquTechnics have become the standard to the composition of symphonies of color, light and water. Address AquTechnics Europe GmbH Engert Lindenstrasse 14 85667-Oberpframmern + 49 (0) 8093 2028 company description the AquTechnics Europe GmbH established in 1988 from near Munich sister company of Australian AquTechnics Ltd and special manufacturer for innovative and multiple patented swimming pool lighting systems of the brand is also de-light in aqua group for low-temperature special heat exchangers in Germany is the exclusive representative of the Australian monarch pool systems and the English Bowman, Austria and of Switzerland. There are still strategic business partnerships with the Slovenian ASTEL d.o.o.. for the joint development, production and marketing of innovative and sustainable pool products. Press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373