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Graduate of inter food associations and clubs such as breast cancer Germany E.v. Munich, 17 September 2013 without social commitment of enterprises the important work of inter food associations and clubs such as breast cancer Germany e. V. is severely limited. Who believes that in the short term to be able to move mountains, sustainability is wrong only brings the success of both sides. The fourth edition of the Secretary run attracted nationwide to the 200 runners for a good cause. We can now speak from an institution with exemplary, which secures the financing of important projects”, as Renate Haidinger, Chairman of breast cancer Germany e. V.

The Secretary of recruitment agency specialising in the secretarial field plus a run, whose entry fees benefit the Association breast cancer Germany e. V. organizes at 8 locations in the Federal territory. The Organization informs women of all ages on health issues since 2003, supports the breast cancer prevention and helps women. In Germany, approximately 72 000 women develop new breast cancer each year.

25 Percent of the patients lose the battle against cancer. Human resource services has much to do with responsibility. We have a responsibility to people who introduced us to and place their future in our hands. And we are also responsible for the health of our employees. The Association breast cancer Germany does remarkable work, one of our staff benefit may even of many women”Harriet AANS, Managing Director of Secretary plus discusses the motivation for the run of the Secretary. Also in this year, Secretary plus the amount of the donations increased and could increase the amount over EUR 6 000. But it goes further: even after the Secretary run 2013 yet donations via a donations portal of Gfettyy the Secretary-plus website collected ( secretary-run/62.htm). AANS target for the Secretary run 2014: our commitment continues. Again, we want to double the number of participants, to jointly support the work of breast cancer Germany e. V.. More information to the Secretary run can be found at and. Via Secretary plus: Secretary plus ( is the specialist for the provision and mediation of all qualifications of the Secretariat and management support. Daughter offers its customers in increasing measure complex project management services the USG people. The USG people is on recruitment as an internationally present daughter in Germany at the sites in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart and Duisburg. The company paid for the DGB/BZA collective agreement. 2011 Secretary partner plus as a brand of USG people Germany by Hoppenstedt kreditinformationen GmbH as top business “with the note 1.0 awarded. More news, information and background information on the company are available in the Newsroom: press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker WEG 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg phone: + 49 (0) 69 69 50 08 78 Fax: + 49 (0) 69-69 50 08-71 E-Mail: company contact: USG people Germany GmbH Jessica C. Ehmke Landsberger Strasse 370a 80687 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89-56827-339 fax: fax: + 49 (0) 89-56827-100 E-Mail: