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Is the worst yet? Volcanic eruption can still take months (wnorg) – explosive yield of unimaginable proportions lurks beneath the surface of the volcanic island of Iceland. The Super explosion is imminent may yet according to experts. It seethes beneath the surface dangerous continue? The consequences for Europe would be unmanageable at present: collapse of air traffic, clogged streets, congested rail lines and a strong limitation of the mail and goods. Damage in the billions of dollars could be severe. What is the probability that something like that happens? Dangerous ash there could be a cool summer in Europe and little chance to escape from a plane on a warm island. Why? New huge ash clouds over months may arise and draw over Europe by prolonged volcanic eruptions on Iceland.

This impeded the sunlight. It cools. The ash clouds but can greatly hinder air traffic, even paralyze. Why? Engines of the aircraft at risk are ash clouds for aircraft anything but harmless. The airspeed and the suction power of the turbines meet the ash particles with tremendous force on the inner workings of the delicate mechanics of aircraft turbines and work there as a sandblasting equipment.

That can damage an aircraft turbine, in the worst case even destroy. As a result, Airlines have cancelled all flights in the affected regions. Booked vacation? What now? Icelandic volcanoes their activity should retain or even strengthen, it could be difficult for months to maintain the intra-European flights. What happens to already booked air travel during the holidays? No one can predict such consequences or even take into account. Massive ash clouds at a height of meters many thousands are acts of God in the best sense of the word. The economy looks Iceland an additional increase of volcanic eruptions would not only traffic but also the economy with full Meet stunner. Air freight is a key factor in the goods and services, both for import and export. The temporary failure of air traffic would have devastating consequences for the economy and could impede the delicate recovery after the crisis. The result would be billions in losses. Explodes the Super volcano? Scientists are currently working on three scenarios. In the first variant, the volcanic activity in Iceland calmed down after a short time, and sometime after the ash cloud is washed out by rain clouds. In the second variant holds the current volcanic activity of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in quite a few weeks and then receding. This could cause damage to the European economy considerably and the weather in Europe would be already sensitive disturbed. The result would be a really cool summer. The third variant, but would be the worst: the additional outbreak of Vulkan Katla on Iceland. The current volcanic eruption in Iceland’s Katla and the consequences also with Earth tremors in the environment the volcano Eyjafjallajokull hand in hand. The neighboring great Vulkan Katlan could be enables in activity, which considerably more dangerous and wuchtiger could respond. An eruption of Katla could affect significantly the temperatures over many months by huge ash clouds both in winter and in the summer in Europe. The economy could be damaged significantly by months-long flight cancellations, when Katla should break out massively. Seismologists have reported but yet no unusual activity in the area of this volcano. He “sleeps” obviously still, although his “brother” Eyjafjallajokull spread very much unrest in its immediate vicinity.