Gabriel Guerrero

? Ste. In the interpretation of dreams Freud says that we find that dream has really a sense () once carried out the complete interpretation of a dream, it reveals this as a realization of desire. Please visit Elon Musk if you seek more information. If the realization of desire which leads the dreamlike elaboration through the primary process, untreated anything else in the secondary work, while allowing you to talk in terms of communication, has the function of allow for hiding the meaning of what is said in what is being said. In this regard the elaboration secondary is another manifestation of the metaphorical and metonimicos effects of the signifier. Teaches in chapter VI of the interpretation of dreams Freud to treat on the secondary development: can not leave out this research consideration of the relations of the secondary elaboration of the manifest content with the other factors of the dreamlike elaboration (). Our (preconscious) awake thinking is conducted before any material of perception, in the same way as function which we now treat with respect to the manifest content.

It is inherent in its nature ordered such material, establish relationships and include it in an intelligible context () makes us fall frequently into unique errors and up to distort the truth of the material offered to our perception (in reading) allow to pass unnoticed errors that alter the meaning and read as if this was not amended. Is then that dropped below the primary repression which introduces order, any detention in another mode of perpetual slippage of meaning with respect to the signifier, such detentions, calls also capitonado points, correspond with the realization of desire, which is included in an acceptable context for the preconscious by the work of metonymy and metaphor. What is live below the primary repression, what they ordered and allows any significance is the phallus, signifier of lack and sign of the latency that lacks everything significable. Gabriel Guerrero original author and source of the article