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This project has as objective to contribute and its relation with the improvement of the learning between children of the infantile education and to analyze the use of playful pedagogical proposals and its relation with the reflection concerning the game and of the toy in the field of the infantile education. As the cooperative games stimulate the socialization and collaborate for the reduction of the animosity between its participants. One knows that the factors are multiple that contribute for the construction of knowledge that mark the behavior of the human being, exactly in infancy, through the relation with its fellow creatures and for the experience of the daily one. Result in the projection interior in set with what them he is external, what it assimilates for familiar inheritance, the education and the culture. Considering the tricks and the games as privileged activities for the formation of the development and the learning in the child and leaving of the agreement of game while emphasized and made possible of interferences in the formation of the psicofsico and social child, the following inquiry appears, emphasizing the form as the professionals of infantile education deal with this content. The school is the main access to the elements of the culture for being one of the phases essence of the learning, is in it that the individual presents its abilities, capacities and abilities for the social interaction..