In this context of dominant malaise, the millions of unemployeds, as well as many integrant ones of the dominant groups, had started to believe the promises of Hitler to transform Germany into a rich and powerful country. In the power, Hitler it obtained quickly that the Parliament approved a law that allowed to govern without giving satisfaction it of its acts nobody. the committed atrocities and the human genocide had thus been initiated, of which the Jews, the Communists had been white main, the homosexuals and all the other people who did not belong to the call Aryan race (considered superior, on the basis of the theory of the Social Darwinismo). However, what inherent abandonment to the human being (FREUD, 1930), in the argued case, the abandonment of all a population, can have done with that Hitler does not have been hindered to commit such crimes against the humanity. With its promises to supply the necessities of its Nation and to return auto-they esteem and to avenge Germany, conquered followers who had been condescending with its attitudes, becoming them unquestioned. Freud agrees to Kant to what this affirms that the worse tyrants are those that want to compel to the people to be happy, according to way that they, the tyrants, indicate to them. It is what it occurs at this moment of History.

According to FREUD (1930), the human being tries to make of everything to run away from the abandonment and the anguish of the solitude, from there its constant necessity to construct and to elaborate saving ideologies, as, in the case argued throughout this article, the libertarian ideal of Olga Benario. ‘ ‘ I fought for just, the good one, optimum of mundo.’ ‘ The dream of a better world, as is said by it, to the end of its life, reflects, perhaps, a search of personal accomplishment, by means of the action. Its instinct of survival can have been co-ordinated for the will to finish with the malaise that the misery human being brings I obtain, not only for goodness and the igualitrio ideal, but also for the possibility to reach the proper happiness, at the moment where its life would not have been mediocre and yes full of humanitarian made accomplishments and. What it could explain the experience of as much suffering and privation seno the search for its proper fullness? Olga tried to live to the edge of the society of its time, being searched a singular way to act in favor of its beliefs. It believed and it fought with determination and ousadia, for a change in the society and, porventura, for a change in same itself.