Giant Mountain View

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But you and your business contacts, fortunately, will persist. And we know that the professional networking can be a good resource for finding work or the quest for new projects. Let's focus on the use of consumer support for Twitter, what interests the majority of those seeking to do business with the help of this portal microblogging. To elucidate this process, we will score three orientation stage. Time zero, when we have no contacts or followers and customers. The moment one, when we have created a significant network of contacts, made up of leads and potential customers, and some real customers. The two time, after-sales support.

Without doubt, the urgency lies in moving from time zero to one. ens opinions are not widely known. It is in this passage of "zero network" to "some network" where we often find the greatest difficulty. We will develop further in future articles, but the key, both in these early stages, and the evening to after sales is to offer added value. And this is how the interaction should be addressed in Twitter: the possibility of bringing added value to the products we offer. Think of our past experiences as consumers, and we can see clearly what it means.

In fact, it is necessary to go back to the past. One of the weakest points, and white of most complaints is the lack of aftermarket support Google's cell phone, the Nexus One recounted Customers bitterly that the only way to get post-sale support was by visiting certain sites (see the FAQs, manual, user forums and YouTube) or by mail, of dubious impact. There was, at the time of product launch, the chance to really talk with a person of flesh and blood that we explain what we were doing wrong that our blessed gadget was not working as hoped. Without doubt, and beyond question the Giant Mountain View, an unforgivable strategic error. Imagine the worst scenario. Consumers are rebelling against poor service and never again buy a cell phone made by Google, I'm not saying that will happen, it is simply for illustrative purposes. Surely, Google will lose some hundreds or thousands of millions of dollars in the failed venture, but will continue with its many business units, without returning to try to sell or manufacture cell phones in the future. Google can be such licenses, and allow these "small" obstacles. But Could you face a mass boycott of its current customers due to poor after sales service, and mass migration to your competition? If the answer is no, then you have to learn to use Twitter.