Good News Release

By: Oscar RossignoliDirector when we convened a press conference, which is usually one of the first actions recommended in a crisis management, must be written a good newsletter or press release, which will be delivered at the end of the event. Of good writing our press release will depend largely on the news version that we’ll see published. Click rusty holzer for additional related pages. Even, we could suggest the owner of the news, with a good press release is also the official position of the company and guide that informants be used when drafting the note. How we will achieve that journalists placed our key messages according to our crisis management strategy in your news? Giving them a press release summarizing our ideas, how we want to being published, mainly in this crisis situation, where there is confusion, ambiguity and, often, bad intention. Let’s start by saying that a press release is a very brief writing used to announce a call or to expand or clarify a previous information. In the case that concerns us, the press release will help us to transmit our official release to the press and the messages that we are interested in are published and who were treated at the press conference. In short, that you write the news from our point of view, not from the points of view of the journalist. The structure will follow the rule of the inverted pyramid, going the wording of most important to least important, according to this order: first, the holder, then we the subtitles to support the holder, who must not spend five lines and should summarize the entire contents of the text and create expectations for your complete reading.

It should be in bold. Offer a forceful figure is a good resource to use as part of the holder then go with the first paragraph of the body of the statement, they must not spend five lines and should summarize the entire contents of the text and create expectations for your complete reading. You must go in bold and contain all the all information which is considered vital information: what, where, why, who and when. It is customary to shorten releases, always cut the last paragraph. It is therefore convenient to tell the whole story in the first paragraph and leave the details to the following paragraphs, in a progressive manner. You have to write at the beginning of the sheet the place and date of issue: it’s the journalist indicate the place where the publication was originated, as well as highlight the moment in which it was issued.

At the end, in the last paragraph, the findings and the implications for future to the fact referred to in the communication might be, if we are in the midst of a crisis primarily will be established. Don’t forget that the press release should have some news value, otherwise nobody will want to publish it. It should not sound like advertisement or losing the objectivity in the treatment of the theme of the crisis. When your press releases are well structured can achieve your key messages and the goal of your Press Conference are fulfilled by publishing the news. If you want to receive articles and resources every fortnight in your email about crisis management, subscribe free from this link, or copy it and paste it into your browser, subscribe and start getting our e-newsletter today.