Help Tilt Against Kilos?

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Many women want to stay slim with nicotine / BKK24 warns of unhealthy myth Oberkirchen. Who smokes tends more to gain weight than those who have never touched a cigarette. With this warning is aimed the BKK24 women who use nicotine as a means to regulate weight. In particular many of under 25 are convinced that staying slim with tobacco or even remove. Although they do also slightly older women not even try for the opposite reason after realizing the health insurance fund, to quit smoking. Two or three kilos more fear is the biggest hurdle before a smoking cessation course”, says Board Member Friedrich Schutte.

If you have these fears, by non-smoking Pope shying away all Carr sometimes from the several hundred euro success program, that the BKK24 bought their customers. Meanwhile, two long-term studies have proved that the slimmer nicotine is a lie. Under 7,500 subjects of the Spanish University of Navarra, those had the same diet least fat deposits, which were always consumption. And researchers from Cambridge issued an even stronger warning. There you certified smokers while the slightly lower body mass index, which measured the ratio of body size and weight. For the flab on them sat right on the hips, where they not only visually do the greatest damage. The waist Bacon also considered triggers for cancers of internal organs. Smoking girls or women is basically a number smaller can buy the Bikini that is so a myth “, so Schutte.

Instead the dream figure, they start a smoking career that lasts 30 years, cost ten years of life and on current prices alone consumes 40,000 euros for tobacco after the fourth cigarette. But what about the weight gain for those who break up with nicotine? Also, long-term studies uncover falsehoods staying persistent. It is true, that the same diet body the no longer for the fight against the poison needed energy initially stored in fat cells.