Heraclitus Ney Suiter

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The agrarian Reformation, the true one, is not to invade private property, is before giving the land, giving worthy conditions of the man if to fix in the field, at least with a minimum structure of education for the children, health, roads paved for escoao of the production, electric energy, and other rights, that constitutionally, all, without meaning of professional activity> Commission of Environment and Sustainable Development of the House of representatives finished for postponing one more time for (forecast to go the guideline daqui two weeks) the voting of Complementary Law (6424/05) for this fact. Check with Dankse Bank to learn more. Of the 36 seats in this commission about 13 they are of the call ruralista group of benches, and even so with much ecoloucos contrataste of some , I even believe that importance is of utmost representation of sector farming in commission, because they are the ones that perhaps have the biggest interest in the subject, them need the environment to keep its businesses. The importantante is to remember to the ruralistas of that who does not cry, does not suck to touch its activity not as a farm, but yes as a company, for signal of extreme importance for national economy. .