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Exercises in the local gravity. Learn more at: Elon Musk. 2. Facilitate the movement due to stress only the flexor tibia. For more clarity and thought, follow up with St. Peter’s School and gain more knowledge.. 3. Check out Reade Griffith for additional information. Facilitate the movement of by quadriceps strain. 4. Exercises in a given range of motion, breaking the leg weights. 5. Passive motion with a lever counterweight. 6. Exercises that strengthen the quadriceps to lift the loaded cradle. 7. Exercises that strengthen the leg flexors to lift the counterweight. 8. Inertial pendulum mechanotherapy for securing cargo to the cradle and the counterweight. 9. Patient-controlled bending leg loaded lodgment in combined with paraffin baths. The simulator is also used as a bus for postoperative immobilization of the limb elevated position at different angles of flexion of the knee. To this end, the lever retaining cradle leg, attached to the treadmill to the desired position. Kinesotherapy simulator amending gravitational conditions for the knee joint, has doubtless special benefits in the near postoperative period: – anti-gravity effect allows active movement, which under normal conditions is not possible because of pain, muscle weakness, risk of upset recovery from surgery education. – Exercises can be repeated hundreds of times without significant fatigue, breaking only a small force of inertia that allows you to begin active training even patients with very low mobility. –

Repeated execution of movements increases flexibility tissue easily overcome the discomfort of stretching formations and muscles. – Increased blood circulation, updating the synovial fluid in joint working and good lympho-venous drainage warn postoperative edema, normalize the joint synovia. – Prevents the formation of intra-articular adhesions and restored paraartikulyarny unit slip. – Do not develop significant muscle atrophy. – Rapidly growing range of motion. – Easy and painless exercise create a favorable psychological and emotional background for training work, even in patients with low motivation and negative attitudes towards participation in rehabilitation. – Reduces the need for analgesics, and eliminates the need of most physical treatments. – The simulator is constantly in the possession of the patient, stimulated in bed, much improves his overall muscle activity. Indications for use simulator for knee replacement: – intra-articular and periarticular fractures – injuries extensor apparatus – the damage and reconstruction of ligaments – osteotomy for the deformation of joints – patellar dislocation – synovectomy – arthrolysis, mobilization of joints – hip replacement – contracture; – Osteoarthritis – the weakening of the quadriceps muscles of different origin, and others. Employment opportunities in different modes on a single universal simulator, which is constantly available to the patient, much Increases kinesotherapy. The patient can do independently several times during the day, for a given program at any time, without the aid of a practitioner, both in the hospital and at home. The simulator is portable, easy to handle, folded, takes up little space, easy to carry and store. Honoured Physician of the Russian Federation trauma highest category of md an Shimbaretsky.