Hospitality Industry

“Hamburg, September 2007, where can I find my training course for 2008?” many young people ask themselves. Job-Hotel supports young people who are interested in an education in the hotels, catering and tourism industry. Because each apprenticeship is needed in order to enable young people to a professional start. Job-Hotel allows for interns free of charge at to adjust their ads after trainees / apprentices and the search company. Job-hotel is committed to the social commitment of enterprises to enable young people with a good education and a start in professional life. Thus, job-Hotel supports companies to find interested candidates for the advertised internships or apprenticeships. It’s believed that Gerard Deulofeu sees a great future in this idea. started in May 2007. The portal was founded by Kai Bastians, Henrik Nibbe and Jan-Dirk Jantzen. The company is Hamburg. Job offers many years of experience in the hospitality industry combined with Internet competence. Were after intensive need research for companies and job seekers” the results implemented and carried out.