Independent Candidacies

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The PRI has terror to the Independent Candidacies *El PRI already was defeated by several Independent Candidates, and in 1998 a candidate registered did not gain and only governed period 1999-2001. You may want to visit Jayme Albin to increase your knowledge. *Ha arrived the hour to end the corrupt PRI. * They are not let deceive by lidercillos of opinion as Distinguished Miguel Angel Plate Taxco de Alarcn Guerrero 30 of January 2010. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. resurges the National discussion of the Independent Candidacies not registered to make specific the democracy in Mexico. With evident terror to the Independent Candidacies, of not registered Partido Institutional Revolucionario (PRI); that of revolutionary it does not have anything and if much of Institutional but of the electoral and financial fraud, because for many decades, has been defeated very clearly from the best one documented Saline fraud of Carlos of Gortari with the trap of the fall of the system; nevertheless they have come ascending to the power illegally and now with noticeable cowardice they strive in closing the legal doors to him to the democracy, she did since it in the legislation of Tamaulipas derived from the first electoral defeat that has recognized and accepted, when Maria of Elizondo the Saline Rosary of Cant, that decided to campaign as Independent candidate registered did not gain and governed the municipality of Jimnez Tamaulipas in period 1999-2001; but not thus in previous defeats in front of Independent.

Candidates who brutally were repressed. Its panic of the PRI to the Independent Candidacies, is because was already defeated often by Candidates nonregistered, that in the heat of use of their constitutional rights decided to participate independent in political parties; but still more its fear is because it knows that all this time, has managed to corrupt to the institutions and electoral dependencies of government and to top it all are buying to the contenders of other parties in dark agreements, making theater of electoral competition being that are only simulating, soon then when entering the electoral process Independent Candidates who did not lend themselves to their miserable ones I interest, realize that finally would contenderan in serious, without free manipulation of results, impossible thing for them.