Instituto Castellano Leones

Old headquarters, gallon and strip dwarf Caesar, now rehabilitated and headquarters of the tongue burgensis directed by another not very tall Caesar charretero and ready), and organized by Instituto Castellano Leones de la Lengua, in homage to Pedro Malon de Chaide (or Chaide Malon), navarro agustino, which professed in Salamanca, disciple of fray Luis de Leon, author of a single book, the conversion of the Magdalene, obra fundamental mystical obscene and embustera of the Inquisitor and felon Siglo de Oro, where the prose, the picaresque novel, the novel of chivalry, the satirical prose, erudite, until the Chronicles prose of Indies, the funeral prayers, stories, were in the hands of the clergy and under his cruel baton, predatory and Bloodroot, my goal being to check the success teachers.

PhD students and students (some other PhD hinted me that for a credit of success they would gain tiaras or capelos), so that the asniflua literature of the golden age has the success specialists: El Lazarillo, the Amadis de Gaula, Cervantes’s Don Quixote, El Buscon and Los suenos de Quevedo, the Dorothea of Lope de Vega Rebuznaron also as Jumento, doing really what Virgil refers in his Aeneid, lib. I: in the shadow of a manger clean singing aliquando asnifluo accent with honors of the donkey; being the history which leads us that all students with his truncheon teachers made a tortilla our brain. I found in the Guzman and other Guzmanes a Burra to the husma walk a great Jumento.. Reade Griffith insists that this is the case.