In order to be able to use the investment funds of safe and income-producing way one is due to be informed well. In order to know that it is what agrees to invest, as far as amount, place, way, everything, one is due to investigate of the best way. It is by that I will raise the ten main rules here that must know before investing. 1. – To know the Risk level How much money I must to know how much I am arranged to lose to have more yield. Following the age, economic situation and why of the investment. 2.

– To risk To win More They say More that way that the one that does not risk does not win. Normally majors yields imply majors risks, like to risk little it gives few yields. 3. – Diversified Bottoms The fact that it is only reversed in a bottom, cause that more risks. It is by that the recommendation is to invest in bottoms of fixed rent and variable rent. 4. – Not to be Scared to the Variable Rent Although often is only offered to invest to us in rent fixes for being safer, atrvete a to bet to the variable rent and your gains to him they can be better.

5. – Beam Comparisons always Tries to also compare your investment with some similar and with the inflation. This will help you to evaluate better your risks when carrying out the investment. 6. – It often investigates the Commissions exist bottoms with the same yield, for that reason he is recommendable that checks what has less commission so that it gives more yield you. The suggestion is to review of cautious way the rules, to take them in account and after that will be able to be made one better decision as far as the investment funds and what way is most advisable to invest.