Japanese Toyota

This measure was convenient to the United States, since the geographic localization of Japan the flow of the production to Korea favored. Valley to register that, in 1937, Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. it was initially was created as a subsidiary one of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, one of the main world-wide manufacturers of machines of weaving under commands of Sakichi Toyoda, ' ' King of the Inventores' ' of Japan. After the sales of the rights of the patent of the one of its machines, initial parcel of the investment in the long run he is that it was for the development and experimental manufacture of the first automobiles of Toyota, and finally for the launching of its first car of small dimensions (Modelo SA) in 1947. The Japanese automobile industry was developed in such way that, in 1974, it surpassed Germany Occidental person who was as the exporting greater of automobiles of the world. In 1980, it exceeded the North American industry in production level. The Japanese market was considered small for the great series produced for the North American traditional methods.

To each new situation appeared in its material recovery economic, the Japanese needed specific vehicles and limited and prompt amounts. It had the necessity to change the models of the automobiles in agreement production the necessities of the demanded demand. The production would have more to be pulled by the consumption and not pushed by the industry to the market. Toyota learned to project to test and to place its products more quickly than the industries of the North America and this was essential for its success. This capacity of flexibilizar the production, adjusting it the prompt necessities of the market, became Japan detainer of the advantage of the launching of new features. The Japanese had been able to copy quickly the experiences of success of the competitors, being adjusted them its necessities.