Jerez Locality” align=”right” border=”0″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″>Re: Contributions in Jerez Locality: I have not provided the sources because I pulled back a little bit, because the article is over 60 and this rate it will put in more than 100. But if you add are added. The truth is that there are sources that contradict, the panel used it as a source, yes, but I, before seeing the panel felt the same, that the name was evolving. But there are sources, as you aim to give meaning to intermediate steps. Even I read that the place name in Arabic means “place of fertile land spread, seem much of a coincidence that both the previous place name. I have not entirely clear. The historical evolution of the term had in mind to put it little by little, and providing new sources of evidence as possible. So I have not posted all at once. Since for many people in the bay that they can collide Xerez had such importance in the past. And I do not want to face a war ions.Then he slowly put it in a first stage to introduce what for me was the breakdown of the natural history of the city, the misnamed War of Independence (is that word cool a lot), and the events that came later. Even Perez Reverte says that in some respects we have agreed that the French, with its fresh air, modern, reformist and the look of that comes from outside, they had stayed a few more years. The second phase of the development of the term explanation of this phrase, attributed to “newspaper El Correo, one of the first in history, in an ion of 1801:” Sherry has a lengthy term, so big that I do not think in Spain has a term like this. Since the end of Sanl car to Villa de Cortes, 14 miles long. And since the end of Alcala to the division of Arcos, 7 leagues.This shared aranzadas 281,047, as follows: vineyards, aranzadas 8245 of olive trees, 17,969 aranzadas seed, 14,078, 26,601 pasture, orchards, 403of Grove 217 of pine forest, 161 of Sanz 40 of reeds 12 of acorns, 27,520, 64,570 public land and Crown fruitless land, aranzadas 5272. “Remember that the league is 5572 meters.” Jerez 3043 square kilometers would be in the early nineteenth century. The province of Cadiz as it was configured from the eighteenth century, has 7394 square kilometers. That is, the town Jerez took up almost half the entire province with a population scattered throughout its geography. From this approach begin to explain the successive cleavages that were made before and after the event, each in its historic section, up to the last, of San Jose del Valle. Step also explains the link to the sea and that the shield is.Also would be nice, explain that the births of Rota and Port Royal were similar but at different times. What’s pajarete, I have no idea what the source. This word is one of those where there are a thousand things called the same and since you do not know the route. Un Saludo, Antonio. And I appreciate that what you see corriegieras that can improve or even contribute your views and ideas, as four heads are better than two. Mao Zaluchi acc Mao06 (dialogue) 16:24 18 jul 2008 (UTC) I had understood that Rota was created, like Port Royal, to provide the population of the current port of Jerez, this time in Roman times , if Lacus Ligustinus disappeared. But, I’d like some research. Un Saludo. Mao Zaluchi acc Mao06 (dialogue) 16:02 19 jul 2008 (UTC) Do not worry Antonio, I think you know that I accept any questioning of the status quo established if this is done with the intention of improving things. Only hypothesized. Not include it in the article.Anyway, all issues of that era, are just that, assumptions. And things have made us fatter swallow as “safe” and “sacred” and that cities boast of our environment, and are offended when they face the many uncertainties and inconsistencies. As to whether Asta Regia, is the origin of Jerez, I think it is quite likely that the settlement was moved. If not, of course, disappeared, and soon created a new 7 km southwest (nor would such a difference). Who raises questions not offended, offended who takes it as sacred and unquestionable (as if it had been there to witness). More mosques me that challenge contemporary things to us or that you ask for references to current economic data, which are known truthful, but they refuse to recognize. Well, greetings. And I remember that section is open to any collaboration you want to do.