Labour Organization

Posted on October 27, 2015 in General by

The ILO (International Labour Organization) said that Mexico is instead 171 at the global level with respect to the minimum wage that workers of the world receive. This tells us that in 170 countries those who work earn on average a better salary than in Mexico, which allows them to have a better economic development and a better quality of life. We can give a lot of explanations to this figure. The various economic crises that the country has already suffered for quite a few years, where one can think that we always live in economic crisis. Furthermore, it should be added that the economy has not hit bottom, every day more sinking. This therefore brings suffering to the population and the most affected sector are poor, because they are always the first to be unemployed and those who suffer most by the rising prices. Unemployment, which invades Mexico is another explanation, since if people cannot find work and have their families suffering from this situation, when they have the big opportunity of get a job, support it in order to take money home, even if the salary is very low.

It seems that in two paragraphs we have found already in a vicious circle. If the economy of Mexico is wrong, then the poor suffer and lose their jobs. But the poor have to take some money home, then, accept any work although salary are not removed from the poverty in which they live. In this vicious circle, we have people who win, indeed, these people are those that cause this vicious circle. Politicians, big business, people in the highest areas of national and transnational companies are this very small group of people who earn salaries giant, absorbing the salaries of others money, playing with our country’s economy, seeing only by themselves, sinking economically on other people, mainly the poor.