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Valencia. Combining Spanish grammar lessons to learn Spanish with a specific course of Spanish football and in free time, go to watch the matches of Valencia C.F.; It is what he has just done a group of foreign football fans. In addition, these students of Spanish in Germany have chosen well the date of your stay in Valencia. Apart from seeing a live VCF training and a match in the Spanish League against Atletic Bilbao, they could see, nothing less than a match against Manchester United Champions League. A spectacle for any football fan.

The idea of this sport linguistic stay arose him to this group of friends in spring. They meet weekly to play soccer in the German city of Cologne. Every year we make a trip with our team says Carlos Schmitz, ringleader of the group with Spanish relatives settled in Germany since the 1970s – and this year we wanted to leverage double the output. Not only being on vacation and see up close the Spanish football, but also improve their knowledge of the Spanish language. They met the school’s Spanish Costa de Valencia through the best-loved penalty international Valencia Guiris and its wide range of Spanish courses. Nothing more aware of a course of Spanish soccer, made the decision. A very wise decision, says Carlos. They were all very happy, except for the defeat of Valencia in the final minutes.

The Valencia deserved much more. Costa de Valencia Spanish School is an accredited Centre of the Instituto Cervantes since 2004. In the city of Valencia is where they offer their courses of Spanish for foreigners, counting also with a wide range of complementary courses as courses of conversation, pronunciation, business Spanish, history,’s recent Spanish cinema, and many more. But Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, is much more than courses to learn Spanish. The school offers many after-school activities and free time for practice the Spanish as, for example, visits to the historic centre, the bullfighting Museum and the plaza de toros during the day and, by night, salsa courses, flamenco shows, matches, football, etc. All information, both about the courses to learn Spanish about all after-school activities, including photos, can find in the web page of our school of Spanish.