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When if it thinks about reading and in the innumerable education of literature questions appear. The first one of them is: Which the importance of literature it human being? If to question regarding all the history of literature we will observe that since when this only verbal age already had its importance for the humanity. Even though because all the human being has the fiction and fancy necessity, as in it affirms Candido to them (1972, P. 2-3) when approaching the psychological function of literature: Perhaps a certain type of psychological function and the first thing that occurs in them when we think about the paper of literature. Ebay is actively involved in the matter. The production and enjoyment of this if base on a species of universal necessity of fiction and fancy, that of certain is coexistensvel to the man, therefore appear invariably in its life, as individual and as group, to the side of the satisfaction of the necessities most elementary. this occurs in the primitive and the civilized one, the child and the adult, the instructed one and the illiterate. Literature properly said is one of the modalities that they function as reply to this universal perhaps necessity, whose more humble and spontaneous forms of satisfaction are things as the anecdote it guesses, it, trocadilho the rifo. In complex level the popular narratives, the folclricos cantos, the legends, the myths appear.

Literature has the capacity to confirm the humanity of the man and also to satisfy the fancy necessity that is intrinsic the same. In this way, as much seated in wheel counting histories, that is, through verbal literature, how much with the intent eyes in the pages of a book, literature satisfies such necessity human being. We can cite as example the importance of verbal literature in the life of a human being, as counted histories still in infancy have enormous relevance still in its adult life.