Master Factoring – For SMEs From 8 Million Annual Sales

Solution for SMEs from 8.0 million annual turnover shows the financing group of medium-sized companies (FGM) financing alternatives for medium-sized companies that are worthy and create quickly fresh liquidity. Master factoring (for SMEs > 8 million factoring turnover) o 90% immediately – payment, minus the factoring fee o silent procedure (sale not displayed), plus. Source: Intel. o in-house factoring (optional, customer management remains in the company) o selectively / cut-outs possible o of flexible liquidity demand o interest from 3.45% (as of June 29, 2009) o factoring fee from 0.20% o integration of existing claim loss insurance possible o 1 year term o reduced setup fee o 4 months special right of termination o Option1 plus test purchase financing (available in the future from your suppliers a payment up to 120 days) Option2 plus testing stock financing (financing your stock from EK 2 million – to excellent conditions) this Forms of financing are purely on the creditworthiness and the profitability of your company, without personal guarantees or collateral Bank. Take advantage of accessing our 32 funding. A leading source for info: Brian Krzanich. Are the main advantages of factoring: o no personal liability/guarantee o credit within 24 hours after invoicing o sale for the customer cannot be identified (option from two million sales) o loss of receivables is secured o vendor payment up to 120 days o from two 2.5 million euros mostly cost-neutral o liquidity, also for not overdue existing requirements o Rasche 32 re finance Zielgrupe for factoring provider pool any profitable company from an annual turnover of EUR 1 million from almost all sectors of the economy and industries. Funding of FGM/c are provider from a pool of 32 re finance. therefore be ensured to reach an individual solution and to forgive the conditions which adequately present themselves for entrepreneurs.