Mathematical Education

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(pg.247) Client that, the domain of the mathematical languages represents one of the conditions for the pertaining to school learning, making possible to make quantitative and/or qualitative analyses, the Mathematics possess an excellent paper of inquiry, interpretation and understanding of the different aspects historical, philosophical, social and cultural, articulating with all the areas of the knowledge, including the sociolinguistics questions. Being thus, we will present a project in the direction of opportunist the knowledge of the world and domain of the nature, on the basis of the mathematical languages, creating conditions to improve its capacity to act in society, assuming concentrated permanent actions in a sustainable development for the continuity of the life in the Land. Necessities daily make with that the pupils develop an intelligence essentially practical, that allows to recognize problems, to search and to select information, to take decisions and, therefore to develop an ample capacity to deal with the mathematical activity and its proper concepts. When this capacity is potentiality by the school, the learning will be able to present the one best one resulted.

The conception of the Mathematical Education mathematically has for study object the education and the learning of the mathematics, propitiating the formation of citizens scholars, that is, chemical preparations to use with understanding the different mathematical languages, relating them and solving problems. In this direction, the learning in Mathematics is related to the understanding, to the establishment of relations, learning and producing meanings from the practical human being as social relation. For half of the development of the project it will be possible to still favor, programs of collective mobilization for stimulation to the recycling and utilization of materials, quantification of the results of the actions of voluntarily in the community with sights to the education and sensitization of the population, with interference of associations and representative agencies, participation in internal or local competitions who stimulate the debate and the individual awareness on the environment and the importance of the contribution of each one, the accomplishment of programs partners in the treatment of residues looking for to revert the result in benefit of the proper community, promotion of ‘ ‘ connections’ ‘ (sustainable businesses), that they preserve generating occupation and income, the miscomprehended, improving the quality of life of the populations.