Michael Wigglesworth

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These sermes had been that they had influenced the sermes that we see in periodicals, university, television, conferences, etc. Official site: Ivor Sims. Men as Cotton, Thomases to hooker and williams were that they formed the elite of new England. They had been who had breached with the Anglicana church and if they had considered to the exile in new England. Thomas Hooker was the founder of the colony of Connecticut, being an eloquent preaching exmio. Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island. Already Cotton was the conducting spirit of Massachusets. These theologians, preachers, had opened conflicts against the seitas, plesbeteriana, the calvinista and the congregacionista. Having its disagreements, only one point was common between these religious pursuings; the sin and the deserved punishment.

In this meantime some books and hymns had been written to represent the fear to the sin. One of the poets inspired by this subject was Michael Wigglesworth, (1631 – 1705). Workmanship that we will be able to consider as first best to seller, The Day of Doom. The religious fanatism at this time took ratio gigantic, and any in case that abnormal is of the masters of the Church, was considered as witchcraft. In case that as the Witches of Salem still they are written in the current days, also readjusted for the cinema. One of the victims of the antiwitchcrafts was Susannah Martin, hanged person in 1962, as guilt to introduce demons in flocks and to go in rain without if wetting. Subjects these that currently are presented in the parties of Hallowen, retaking the subject witchcraft.

In century XVIII, the freedom ideas after to advance in England, had also started to unclasp in the colonies. Roger Williams, one of the most shining philosophers of the colony was obliged to leave of Sallem, because of fanatism, for denying the right to the church of being the detainer of the truth. Another liberalista, John Wise also was banishes from Massachusetts. Paine also was another idealist and considered that only the people could be king. Exiled of its native mother and the colony, Paine was for France. In 1794 he was imprisoned and it came back toward the Estrados Joined. To the measure that if developed the colonies, the desire of the population also grows to have more liberty of speech and a centered power. A government that takes care of the local situations and not mentally ill and humiliated by the strong abuse of the metropolis. Conscience this that later will culminate in its dependence and gradually the union of the thirteen colonies. Therefore we saw, American literature at the beginning is expressed with the ideal of the puritanista religion. To spread out its pregaes through hymns and books in order to persuade the people and to intimidate it through the punishment of the sin. We saw that this trajectory was encircled by a religious fanatism and that many people had been deceased unjustly. Later, with fanatism more brando, the writers start to write literature properly, therefore the approach was not more the persuasion of the people, to have faithful more, and yes as an art that reflects the beauty of the American landscape. However as it affirms Nabugo (1965) this process was necessary so that literature ripened, turning art, and leaving of being an oppressing instrument.