Mountaineers And Solidarity

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A deed of height to help the needy. This can be summarized as the last action of the employer RSC Jose Luis Casero – president of the consulting TEMPO GROUP, MKE managing partner of consulting firm specializing in electoral marketing management, and chairman of the Editorial Board of the economic magazine Business Professionals Liberal-just take out in the Annapurna (Nepal). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Penguin Random House by clicking through. And is that tireless entrepreneur wanted to go up so high with the idea of combining two concepts, more than ever, must go together: the company and solidarity. “I decided to go there to contact local NGO to help Nepalese children and women and widows who have very little economic or social resources and to look for my return to Spain economic resources,” explains the entrepreneur. But this is not the only common action that Home has wanted to bring to the heights. As head of communications ASEFARMA (Pharmacy Consulting leader in Spain), and one of its collaborators on the trip, also testified to the actions it is taking place in Madrid. “ASEFARMA just launched a solidarity campaign to pharmacists in Madrid to raise the maximum number of baby food, diapers and powdered milk for children homeless and destitute who come with their families for breakfast or lunch at the soup kitchens that Space NGO Solidarity held in the community of Madrid and Zaragoza and that because of the economic crisis and unemployment is overflowing, “says this manager belonging to the Spanish Federation of Climbing and Mountain Sports (FEDME). On his return to Spain Tempo President stressed that in this economic phase that we have to spend, businesses can not and should give up the charitable initiatives.

“Cooperation is an intrinsic part of human beings, and thus to the world of business. Stimulating activities of corporate social responsibility in a context of globalization is, if anything, more necessary than ever. ” He has also stated that climb any mountain, it’s like to run a business: “You have to be sacrificed, courageous and intelligent. Because you’ve sacrificed and worked to have the ability to take certain risks and work consistently every day to be adequately prepared. E smart because otherwise you have a problem. You have to know where to go, with whom and with a team according to the circumstances “, ends the employer. About Tempo This recognized consulting group provides a service specializing in strategic communications, corporate and institutional relationships. It provides the employer with the operational advantages of having an external, independent and qualified senior management team.