National Police

6. Only receive cash in bank branches, verify the amount and consign it to your account avoid being subject to fleteos, if you need to make journeys with money seek custody of the national police. For even more opinions, read materials from Intel Capital. 7. In the case of established businesses do not reveal sensitive information until you not check your potential buyer are really interested and you have already verified contact data, this information can be: – accurate figure of daily sales – procedure of handling and safety of the money raised – keys and location of safes, location of the alarm system and panic button. -More than his personal life, total income, other personal information that may be useful for criminals. If you are buyer 1.

Make a complete list of the supply of the product that fits your budget and taste. 2. Create a schedule of visits and make note of the data from the seller, I mistrusted people which only give a cell phone as a contact number and circumvent their questions. 3. If you are going to purchase a used vehicle note the following:-perform the expertise in a company authorized for this activity. -Check background in the SIJIN. -Request statement of taxes on the vehicle. -Check that the buyer does not record traffic violations.

-Request the certificate of tradition. 4. If you are buying a home remember that the most important document you should require from the beginning is a certificate of tradition of public instruments Office where the property is registered. 5. Do not give money without signing a contract of sale between the parties where the conditions of negotiation are clarified. 6. Never perform transactions with cash out of authorized banks, use cashier checks. Remember if you notice something suspicious don’t hesitate to quickly call authorities.