One of the most common mistakes made by many distributors is trying to sell people the business at the wrong time.Indeed, it is very common to see distributors who offer their business to anything that walks. Then the result is a clear rejection which greatly discourages the NetWorker. It is no use insisting with people that you don’t want to participate in our business.Most appropriate persons to join our network, are always associated with when it is your time. And although we can associate with someone by convincing it that it is the best choice, and this yields without being convinced and motivated, the only thing that we will achieve will be that that person will do nothing after joining our MLM business, leaving sooner or later. In this way, prospecting for people who actually do not want to participate in the business, we not only lose to dowlines, but that we will have squandered time and energy only by not knowing how to offer our business people indicated.

Recognizing the people suitable also it is necessary to recognize people best suited to be our partners. Then presented our business, there will be many questions, but not all of the same class. There will be questions raised by those who want to really participate in the business, but many others just for curiosity. These last, although you always have to answer them cortezmente, sincerely not worth devote much energy or time, because they are probably people who don’t have the motivation and the desire to develop a MLM business. They are easily recognizable because they are very obvious questions, clearly outlined in the presentation of the business, which clearly exposed that these people were not even the same. It is advisable to only respond with a link to an article or video sending to explain clearly what asked and continue with the next prospect.