Old Kingdom

Thank God, the house and the village were those that need, and the apartment is similar to the already . Despite this, we had more time to work, as the first control measurements showed significant discrepancies. As a result, taking into account roads and various straps, I returned home about 16 hours. Duration of Sunday working day was seven hours. Alas, but most customers, especially the rich, free only on weekends or evenings, so engaged in design, in private, it should be easy to take. Although perhaps it's my personal problem and I just do not get to conduct their work competently. Now for the follow-up work.

Everything started so well – a style originality, and a flight of fancy! Ended the evening on Monday call the customer – we are here with his wife consulted and decided that when you do re-planning, please do not go out of the plan provided by the tib, and all the rest to your discretion. " The current week, I have not even thought about this order, although 50% of the fee I had already been paid and the amount was not small. Opinions and desires of the customer to change with days of the week and different amazing contrast and abundance. For some seven or eight days I have refreshed their knowledge of culture, architecture and design styles: Old Kingdom, Greece and Rome. I told him what Romanesque style differs from the Renaissance, Ap Art Nouveau, from constructivism, and so on. I was convinced that they bought an encyclopedia of styles and do not want to pay money for the harmonization of redevelopment, however, based on the area, the basic layout was very good.