Production management, are supposed should preferably be guided by an industrial engineer, who is trained, formed for this responsibility, must be fully identified with the scope, implications that fosters the process of quality management, determine the quality objectives, the main problems that occur, as well as the actions, policies to follow. Specifically as discussed it, identify the object of quality management are the needs and expectations of customers, in terms of products, which pass through different levels of determination through successive transformations in the different processes that interrelated lead that you generate the quality as a whole. These levels of determination of object are the different States in which it is manifested, ranging from needs and potential customers expectations in terms of products, then passing through needs and real expectations of customers (customer requirements), then by technical specifications (product requirements) until you reach the characteristics of quality of the product. To this is added as Maria Moreno, CITES him in considering, that the problem of the management of the quality in the production and services is the social need of products and services-weapon quality features able to satisfy the specific needs in terms of product and/or customer service. They are the quality policy overall intentions and direction of a business organization related to quality as formally expressed by top management. Dale Ellis oftentimes addresses this issue. The quality objectives are goals of quality that we want to achieve, it is something ambicionado, or tried to, in connection with the quality. The method quality management is the way to deal with the problem of the quality management in the circumstance of the quality management by the men who carried it out, through an interactive, hermeneutics and dialectical sequence of steps through which gradually transforms the object of quality management, in order to achieve the objectives of the quality. The result of the quality management is the configuration that integrates to the others.

It is the materialization in products, the purpose of the quality management on their ultimate level of determination with a view to achieve the satisfaction of customers. It is also important, taking into consideration cone indicates Moreno, that the problem of the management of the quality in the production and the service are settings that originated the process of management of quality and as antinomy of this appear in enterprise organizations the political configuration of the quality, being the setting of the quality objectives which plays a role element mediator between the first two. On the relationship between the problem of the quality management and the quality policy, the primary is the problem, while the quality policy expresses the solution of the problem, as this global intentions and orientation of a quality organization, being the quality objectives setting that synthesizes the previousSince these are set out and deployed throughout the Organization business, being consistent with the quality policy. In conclusion, it is necessary to pay attention in the current reality to the shape in as current quality management systems are being considered to ensure productivity and everything that leads to results where the product that makes this backed by that quality that both are demanding consumers..