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CLASSIC 2PRINCIPIOS METODOLGICOS As salient GALATTI, L.R and PAE, R.R (2007). The first attempts of systematization of methods for education of collective esportivas modalities if had given for return of the decade of 1960 and had been inspired in the structuralized methods already of individual esportivas modalities, over all of the atletismo. Such proposals came from a fragmented vision of the education process of the sport: if in the atletismo each part of the movement of the race of an athlete was taught separately, in the collective sport was transferred to teach it and to train each bedding of the game of isolated form, considering that from the parts the pupil or athlete would learn or refinery all. However, the fact of a player to know to execute the movements and beddings of the game of isolated form guarantee conditions not to answer to the problems presented for the game, over all those of tactical order, that permeiam all the actions of the game, also the techniques. In such a way, for GALATTI, L.R and PAE, R.R (2007) from the end of the decade 1970 and beginning of the decade of 1980, authors appear as Bayer (1976) in France, Blessed, Throat (1993) in Portugal, the authors of the Teaching Game will be Understanding (decade of 1990) in the United States and Thorpe, in England, that consider new looks on the education process and learning of the collective esportivos games, that they had caused new methods of education. Already for Balbino (2005), cited for the same. The metodolgicos principles represent primary structure in the organization of education and serve to improve the choice and the practical one of the used methods, being been that these principles go to determine the conscientious choice of the activities. From the two classic metodolgicos principles, the synthetic principle and the global-functionary, result education methods that if become very traditional and used in the process of teach-learning-training in the collective sports; (1) the confrontation method; (2) the global method; (3) the partial method (DIETRICH ET., 1984).

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Do you like sport games? After this game free online you will be great lover of them. No doubt you will like Santa can fly with their Christmas atmosphere and fun homework. Santa always makes its annual trip in his flying sleigh. But then you asked why? Why in his flying sleigh? Why not fly if same? And by the present Santa can fly! Do you like sport games? After this game free online you will be great lover of them. No doubt you will like Santa can fly with their Christmas atmosphere and fun homework. Santa always makes its annual trip in his flying sleigh. But then you asked why? Why in his flying sleigh? Why not fly if same? And by the present Santa can fly! In this exciting sport game your general objective is to launch high Holy into heaven and he should get as far as possible.

Aims well only have to select the angle and shoot. Sure, you’ve chosen the correct angle. You must also earn money to improve your cannon Launcher. How? Everything is very easy to have a lot of ways of doing this. So in its flight trataras collect all objects: from coins and gifts to helicopters. For each item you will receive a sum of money. For example, by 5 downed helicopters will get $500, by 50,000 captured gifts get $500. The same thing with the achieved length, height and time.

You must increase the power of pomegranate, increase maximum energy and increase or accelerate energy recovery. Here everything is interconnected and interdependent, the more features your cannon has, highest Santa fly. Please note, you must have enough power to launch Santa really strongly. In this exciting sport game is controlled with the help of the mouse. Playing East game free online Christmas, can enjoy a little at your place of work or at home. Santa can fly you will you help you relax and unwind. What are you waiting for?

Translations Human Economicas

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Professional alternative to automatic translators economic and rapid human translations language barriers between countries remains a brake on many themes of communication, trade and interaction between people and countries. So far to translate a short text only had two options: use an automatic translator which can be suitable for some important texts but not a major commercial communication since they are inaccurate and contain errors or use a traditional translation agency. This last option is the most reliable but is somewhat expensive and above all slow for short texts. There is now an alternative. It has just launched a new web portal for the Spanish market that allows short translations of quickly and at low cost taking advantage of a wide network of translators distributed over the world. The system is very simple. After registering at, the customer pastes the text in a text field and the system automatically calculates the number of words (up to a maximum of 400).

Below indicates the language you want to translation and the term (3, 6 or 24 hours). The system assigns the translation to a suitable translator available. These translators translation testing has been performed and have been approved for translations into their native language. Once the translation customer will receive a notification by email with a link to the translated text in the portal. The portal is available both for individuals or small companies who want only a translation agencies or corporations who want to hire more translations at a reduced price. In today’s world the nuances make the difference, with portal-traducciones.com we can strengthen relations with our customers or international suppliers at an affordable cost.

Man Evaluated

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On several occasions and in every couple suffers conflicts and there is no perfect couple who has not passed this during their relationship. By jealousy, fights, rejection, whims whatever, triggering min of a discussion if it prolongs puts an end to that loop which remained resisting that love should not be destroyed until not able to more. When a relationship ends always strange to another person and if it is your position and doubts, lies in your mind if you still have the power to return with a man evaluate you with points. The communication. There is communication between the two?, with the words not only we can communicate, also are gestures when was the last time you were affectionate with him and the was with you? Here sets the agony of passion and focus to more lawsuits. Faith. If really trust in the and love of fashion as unimaginable as to which each I say another think you silently doing know with behavior that we devote to our partner. There was trust between? both? Forgiveness how many times did you harm and not how many times you told that your also danases some time unknowingly with indifference or silence, with absurd fights or simply that day that you could not get together with the. Highlights here if these suitable for forgiveness and forgetting misunderstandings. If after reading these points and feed you the good, the bad, the how return with a man only lies in analyze whether you’re really able to appreciate more the beautiful moments and modify your bad deeds. If your relationship is salvageable or you just refer you to an illusion. Speaks with the about all this and try to restart a good relationship. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

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Commenting on a day with a friend from college to that found on the street, this tells you that it has reached an agreement with his boss, and now makes schedule of morning, with which in the evenings is with their children. Excited, Ana proposes it to Paco, his boss, who refuses in round. -It seems impossible, Ana, I propose that, so many years here, already know the amount of work that we have delayed, and I still propose working fewer hours – but Paco, working from seven to three alone would be one hour less, and work that will make the nine-hour split day is probably capable of doing so at eight in the morning, and I’m also willing to charge a little less for that hour not working – ifyou sure you’re doing the same job then what you telling me, do that now you scratch you belly? That said, you know that there is much backlog, so do not talk more. Ana goes to his bleak house. After a few days pondering it, says his boss to leave work.

Hard to Paco understand it. One day your employee’s life makes a pretty absurd request, and within a few days will be of the company. Paco hires Agnes, a young graduate with several years of experience in a company from the competition. Ines is organized and has a good command of the computing. In a short time, get another way to organize the Department, and brings forward all the work that had delayed.

In addition, prepare a few dynamic worksheets related to program management through ODBC, which has some pretty interesting reports in real time, without having to spend countless hours. Which means extra time to make even more tasks. It seems that things have greatly improved. However, there is something that worries Paco. This girl always comes out at eight o’clock, does not a minute more.

Caribbean Sea

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In this profession, the hunches are a good raw material, the legends are an excellent course, and constructions or ancient paths are a high indication of success. Today, technology in this area has also had great advances, and is within the reach of anyone, just simply decide to try and live the great experience of finding something valuable in our days, but which also contains expectations of past lives, causing the hoarding of goods, product of labor, inheritances and up to large robberies. Who write, not dedicated to finding treasures, but the life I placed with the opportunity to live with close friends who have many years of experience in the field, who have invited me to participate in searches full of mysticism and magic. I have witnessed the most incredible stories of the past, from hidden treasures by fraudsters, rateros, pirates, even of the most anonymous family stories that have to do with the so dreamed treasures of the barons of the story. A year ago, following a simple and plain feeling of a friend, we embarked on a search for a boat sunk in the Caribbean Sea.

I had to start work to manipulate the Molecular Detector, and I was fortunate to find an ancient boat anchor with its string of drag in a location near to the beach. I may not have much value, but by the design of the anchor and its dimensions, some experts referred it to a Spanish schooner, but the mere fact of living the encounter with a contraption that has years under the sea, and that at some point belonged to a vessel, is an experience that stays etched in the skin. My friends are manufacturers of a computer that uses a very efficient technology to perform these searches for treasures. Usually computers that are on the market, provide two types of technologies: the radio waves and electrostatics, however the team that my friends made based operation molecular waves, what enables discriminate materials such as gold, silver, copper, gunpowder, and others in a way highly efficient, that allows you to find objects too deep and in a very wide radius of operation.

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With the rubric of this accord, said the Venezuelan head of State, we are starting the construction of a space ours, a unit of account common, essential to move forward, under the principles of integration, solidarity and complementarity that defends the ALBA. He is said to poignant and very comforting were the words of each and every one, especially those of the President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya, and the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, who left well clear that Cuba is part of the system of the Americas. Leaving it outside would be unjustifiable and inexcusable. The Summit of the Americas, said Skerrit, has to change its approach and its direction towards Cuba. We are going to be part of the voices being heard against the exclusion of the island. Zelaya, for his part, referred to the fact that associate with ALBA is a symbol of freedom, is break chains, is to believe that there is hope in this world again.

It has fundamentals that are producing extraordinary results. Cuba has always been a symbol for all the that we dream of a more just world, said the Honduran President. In our previous meeting we celebrated the 50 anniversary of the Cuban revolution, and today we are commemorating 48 years of the victory of his people in Giron. Cuba, my appreciation and my solidarity, he said. Emotional moment of the extraordinary Summit of the ALBA was listening to Evo, the President of Bolivia, who came to this meeting after winning a major battle in his country, for his people. Although the occasion was conducive to remember the days when it was strike and denounce the assassination attempts against his person, he devoted most of his speech to talk about the great challenges that lie ahead for the ALBA member countries, which cannot afford that the enemies of revolutions and our people endanger the construction of a different societybetter, worry, which deal with huge majorities excluded for years.

By reference to what has happened in Bolivia, Evo proposed the creation of the Human Rights Council of the ALBA to denounce such actions and defend ourselves. Another of his proposals was linked with Cuba. With such humility that characterizes him, he asked permission to give reading a sort of Declaration of the countries friends of the island that will participate in the Summit of the Americas, which will require the immediate lifting of the blockade imposed by successive American administrations. If Obama, he said, wants to have the support of everyone, as Cuba has it, you have to respect the resolutions of the United Nations, it has to lift the blockade. Also mentioned the statements of Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, special guest l of Summit, who noted that in America we are in a new era, “are genuine authors of our own destiny and we can judge any country in the world. We believe in the integration. The truth, as the first day of the extraordinary Summit of the ALBA, which had as its headquarters at the Museum of contemporary art in Cumana, adds juventudrebelde.cu. confirmed, first, that only unity among our peoples will allow further progress in the construction of the great homeland dreamed Bolivar; and, second, Cuba has not only the support and solidarity of member countries of this integrationist mechanism, but also of the vast majority of the Nations of the world. . .

The Struggle Of The Arctic

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The Arctic is thawing, this fact is concerned environmentalists and not so environmentalist is still seen by a number of countries as a great opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources such as oil and gas which in the future will be more accessible, according to a geological survey carried out by the United States a quarter of energy sources discovered are not found in the Arctic In addition to new sea routes these countries are Russia, Canada, United States, Norway and Denmark (Greenland). According to article 76 of the Convention of the sea, a State can claim an exclusive zone of 200 nautical miles and 159 additional miles of rights over the seabed, measuring from where it ends the continental shelf. At the moment has been discovered that there is no continental shelf that extends up to the North Pole and therefore are considered international waters managed by the international sea bed Authority based in Jamaica. Russia has already moved tab, it launched a expedition to prove that the underwater Lomonosov mountain range is the geological extension of the Russian territory, but both Canada with Denmark not agree and support the idea that it is a continuation of its continental masses. Russia also has a dispute with Norway, the two claim the Barents Sea for his country, at the same time Denmark is disputed Hans Island with Canada, an island of 1.3 Km2 in the Northwest Passage, step that the Government of the Canada considers as part of its waters but United States considered them international waters.

At the same time Canada claimed the Strait of Anian. United States do not recognize the claims of Russia and also ratified the Convention of United Nations on maritime law and Russia does not want to ratify the Treaty of the Bering Sea that made the Soviet Union and the United States in 1990 claiming that this had removed 50,000 km2 to Russia and that it would be harmful for Russian fishermen fishing. Canada for its part built two military bases to consolidate its sovereignty in the region, a sovereignty that are willing to fight the other Nations, also Canada plans to have eight patrol vessels which will protect routes linking the Pacific and the Atlantic on the North. While the United States plan to build two large ships. There are other ways of dividing the North Pole, one is the method of the midline, which would divide the waters of the Arctic, according to the nearest shore line, this method would give the pole to Denmark and would be beneficial to Canada. The other method is the method of the sector, would be taken as the center pole and lines would be established at all wavelengths, where Norway and Russia would gain.

The Beverage

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It is necessary therefore to understand who is alcoholic, suffers from an addiction to drinks containing alcohol, and that this addiction makes it dependent on these, and which might be dependent because it is precisely this dependence, which is also a necessity that has a demonstration behaviour that leads him to drink the beverage, but which is produced by the momentum, and the obsession only muted both by the intake of alcohol, and so person is happens the cycle indefinitely in time and in the life of this. I.e. at some point in the life of this person today alcoholic, there was a desire and an enjoy of obtaining the satisfaction of that desire, enjoyment by the intake. But then when obtaining and achieving this desire was transformed in a habit, in a compulsion to the satisfaction of the addictive behavior, already the person cannot exercise his will is now trapped by the compulsion to satisfy this obsession, this addictive need more no longer a wish, the enjoyment is why satisfaction, there is only the need to meet the compulsa to drink. It gives also on the alcoholic and product of precisely the chronicity of the habit, the threshold in which the State of alcoholic drowsiness symptoms occur are increasingly minor, this patient says it as soon as it reaches the query, it is generally, says he feels with the advance of his history of alcohol consumption is becoming increasingly less necessary to feel equally alcohol index intoxicated by this intake. It is therefore important to demystify about the possibility of stopping drinking in compulsively alcoholic, which has already entered into a both physical and psychic dependence on drink. It is important to keep this in mind, in order thereby to help sufferers of alcoholism, is the place we occupy in the life of this person, either from what link affective, family, social, institutional, etc.