Espirito Santo

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Therefore the Church is so deceased, so without moving (the blow of the wind is not felt), without its candy presence, authority. To be ' ' Pentecostal' ' it is to believe in the Power of God through its Spirit, is to accept supernatural of God acting in the church and in the life of the believers, it is the belief in the influence and until possession of malignant espritos and to exert the authority to order them even so. It is the belief in dons that it was given to the disciples in the day of Pentecoste as the authority to reprehend these demons and banishes them. It is to have discernment of Spirit. It is to hear the voice of our God in our heart, is to feel its direction. This is to be ' ' Pentecostal' '. To be Pentecostal is to feel the manifestation of the power of GOD in our lives.

It is to be able to say and to have the certainty of that we are children of God It is to be proven for the fire and purificado This fire if calls Espirito Santo, the GREAT POWER! The true full pentecostal of the Espirito Santo has sanctity, has authority and has to be able. It is pursued by ' ' saulos' ' , and believers ' ' icebergs' ' , that they do not believe the power of God and its manifestation through the Espirito Santo. To put the Escritura Saint says that: God is the same yesterday, today and will be perpetual. Therefore what It made in the past, also makes today, that is, it continues if revealing strong in the way the ones that they love to it, they obey and they believe to it its power. Therefore without the faith and sanctification, it is impossible to receive the power from high skies! Not! I could not say for the shepherd these things, speech of my real beliefs duly warned to scandalize it and of it to start to see me as sent of the Satan.


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They married deluded with the confidence to form an integral home with a love that lasted until aging to side of its pair and sheltered by the love of its children and grandsons. Nevertheless, it is seen suddenly no longer so young, and single. Now we analyze the situation in which we were to the men in this stage of our life: – MARRIED Pros No Risks All: When not respecting his commitment, independent of the situation that is living with its pair, never it will respect to you. And they ten by certainly if you become to his wife you cannot wait for the opposite. Phrases common in which you do not have to believe: Hace time that everything finished between my wife and I , we slept in separated quarters , I am only with her by my children , she not comprente me , how I did not know before you, she no longer takes care of to me, I I am made only eat , was drunk when I embarrassed , I am going away to divorce, etc., etc., etc. All are lies. On the other hand, still if you decide that their status of married man agrees because you do not look for a relation to you with commitment, you cannot assure that you will not fall in love, and in the end the one that you will end up crying you are.

– SINGLE WOMAN Pros Availability. You can be what until that moment he had not found. They can train a family. They can plan and do everything with the freedom that gives to the being the one them for the other. Risks have not married because: It is scared to him to the commitment? It has a dominant mother whom she prohibits him to marry? It is not arranged to share with anybody what it has obtained until this moment? Their income to only reach to only stay he him? He is gay? Etc. – WIDOWERS Pros Availability.

The Geometric

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When his unit dug pit at the bottom of which there is a bias toward the center. Then, on the gravel drainage network training fit – drainage pipeline for untreated sewage. Next comes the filter layer greater than in the case of fields of filtration thickness. It can reach 1.5-1.8 m. Then he laid crushed stone or gravel, and on it – irrigation tube. The performance of this system is about 100 liters / day. meter on the irrigation pipeline.

The filter trench – a more modest post-treatment facility capacity. They have almost the same device, sand and gravel filter. The main difference is that the irrigation pipes are located is not a network, and linear, each in his own trench. Companies that are developing such systems offer different options material loading and the geometric dimensions of the trenches. An example of construction using the cleansing properties of the soil, may serve as a filtration plant type (septic system and biofilter). These settings are designed at different volume flows from 750 to 4000 l / day. Their work is based on the mechanisms of ground clearance. First, liquid wastes enter the septic tank, made from high quality fiberglass.

Then, waste water, freed from suspended particles and impurities are sent to a distribution well. From there, they served in the spray tube and are dispersed over a layer of crushed stone preparation. In the crushed stone and sand layers of the soil filter is an aerobic post-treatment. Question discharge treated sewage is solved individually for each case.

Design Of Overhead Power Lines And Equipment

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When designing the main power grid power is recommended: to chart the power line through the major assemblies of the load, to avoid direct links between power plants, produce selection scheme accession power plant and substation to the main network, taking into account the reliability of power supply node electrical network and the need to provide transit facilities for overhead lines; construct between two network nodes on one route, usually no more than two lines transmission of one strain. If necessary, additional strengthening of the network should be considered the feasibility of construction of the il other areas, or performing power at a higher voltage. Design of power distribution network by taking into account: in areas with low coverage of the networks with similar values of technical and economic indices of development options for the network encouraged to give preference to the construction of overhead lines on new routes and in major cities and industrial areas with a large concentrated load on one path may provide the construction of two or more overhead, with passing overhead on the territories of cities, industrial areas, the approaches to power plants and substation. in cramped conditions, in forests, etc. il recommend that you perform on the double circuit towers. In this case, suspension of one chain recommended when the need to enter the second strand occurs in more than three years after entering the first, and when disabling the first circuit at the time of suspension of work on the second allowed by the conditions electricity.

Yes Lacoste

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The French school is only born when France is defeated by Germany in the war in 1870, French geography in turn, keeps a imperialista model of German geography, however German geography if it supported in the kantiano idealismo, as Humboldt if they differentiated in the reference scale, Humboldt was total totalizante and regional Ritter therefore, geography that we today have in our schools and university, is geography for them systemize. The strategists of the war of the Vietnam, had been the geopolitical ones, however she is possible to affirm that geography came if becoming one sets needs control d and space, Yes Lacoste affirms that _ geography more serves before nothing pra to make the war. The fight that if had in the decade of 70 of the socialism and the democracy, comes of the combination of the crisis of the capitalism, resulting in the desistalinizao of the composition of the world-wide politics. Pierre George was the responsible one for the loss of the natural division of the continents, therefore the world finishes for if to divide in two systems, the capitalist and the socialist one, geography if includes in the countries, depending on the organization of its economic system. The development in the formation of the geographic thought if makes necessary, from the moment where the man if makes use to want if for the one along with the beddings and of the structure of the same one. Pestalozzi affirmed that geography was better understood when to the one contact of interaction with the exterior world, it privileged the nature to have one better resource of learning. With the mercantilizao of the merchandises, the capitalism has force enough to become enlarged itself of form that its subsistence was guaranteed for the nature, all this process alone showed that if it could affirm that as much the man and the capital, more early or later would enter and contradiction with the nature. It is the work that establishes the man the nature and it demarcates at the same time them, therefore the man is the only being, that if reproduces conscientiously; the work processes if modernize and with this to an accumulation in the space, example of this is verticalizao of the cities, with this the dispute of classrooms is present constantly. Geography therefore, is a measure for the improvement and good of all, only depends on the men make who it they use that it of a correct form to reorganize spaces, to explore places, and to expand its knowledge on the same one.


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the development of abilities in the educational system, in any level and modality of education is a necessary condition, that allows in them to face the complexity of the world and our contradictions. (2001 P. 14). To work this complexity is part of the craft of the docncia, a time that, in the exercise of one practical reflexiva the professor materializes it from a contextual pedagogical work, respecting the singularidades and diversities. teaching profissionalidade in this context is permeada of a continuous and permanent effort and many times of fight if to make entire or to breach with the educational contradictions, that generate the confluence between old and the new, the cognitivas confinements, the conflict of values, methods, positions, the relations of the professor with knowing before its formation, its conceptions, its desires, its identity and ideology. When affirming explicit that the abilities are action capacities, Perrenoud (2001), salient that to reveal abilities professional ahead of a complex situation it is to be capable: to identify to the obstacles and problems to be surpassed; to consider realistic strategies in terms of the time and the resources; to plan and to implement adopted strategies, proceeding for stages, taking care of the necessities, mobilizing actors and reevaluating the situation; to respect legal and ethical principles; to control the emotions, the moods and values; to cooperate with other professionals and of to after extract all the teachings during and the action.

(PERRENOUD, 2001, PP. 139,140). In accordance with Perrenoud, the functioning of these abilities to know exceeds them, is erudite, theoretical, of the sense common, procedural, atitudinais, individual or shared they (2001, p.141). Therefore for it the ability if establishes in a situated dimension, where the knowledge are mobilized for the action, that is, to act and to take decisions concrete, integrating to know in all the dimensions to them of the being.

So Lus

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Thus, the name of the quarter was a homage given to this mayor, therefore according to it the objective of the purchase of the land was to prevent the urban growth in one alone direction, of the BR-153. In the agreement of it, the public power was creating a new space where the people could live, mainly, the migrantes that were arriving at the city. Thus being, the city hall of Is Joo of the Araguaia received resources destined to the construction from 100 popular houses, that would be erected in the area divided land into parcels previously. The construction materials as roofing tiles and wood, had been bought and storaged in a large cabin, being pillaged little time later for the population needed space liveing. In this manner, in the year of 1989 the So Lus quarter was established, with approximately 20 casebres and about 80 people liveing in them.

Two years after these facts, more necessarily in 27 of December of 1991, for law 5,706, the district of Are Domingos of the Araguaia obtain the emancipation politics. 4,1 FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUIRAM FOR CREATION OF the QUARTER the process of creation of the So Lus quarter is related directly to some factors, such as: i) the implantation of desenvolvimentistas politics for the Amaznia; II) the valuation of the central space of the city, fact this that compelled the low income people to look other spaces for its habitations; III) the population growth and the impoverishment of great part of the population, in special the just fond migrantes of other regions; IV) the job search, mainly in the lumber industry that Number and origin of inhabitants of the quarter. Region of origin Percentile Number of people (%) North 28 31.1 Northeast 55 61.1 Others 3 7 7,7 Total 90 100 Source: elaborated for Antonio Flix Da Silva on the basis of research of field, maro/2004.

Small Great Ally

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Memory that there by years 70, when then Gallic president Valery Giscard d" Estaing carried out a sonata visits the United States, the great metropolitan newspapers of the coast This took the opportunity to publish the results of a survey realised by the Gallup Institute, that showed the little ones, even null, geopolitical knowledge of the North American public opinion. Indeed, the majority of the interviewed people considered that Giscard was the sovereign of an European principality, a military man that had the luck or the misfortune of to have inherited the imperial presidency of mythical general De Gaulle, a statesman of the Old Continent that hardly governed a well-known country. The little interest of the American population by the geographic location and the political system of its transatlantic allies was perpetuated until the attacks of the 11 of September of 2001, when North America discovered the existence of allied nations, arranged to support it in the call " global war against terrorismo". Nevertheless, one was not a gesture unanimous or unconditional. Some European states, like for example France and Germany, did not seem arranged to resign to their habitual " culture of La Paz " , submitting the support to the Administration Bush to the observance on the part of this one of old, although nonobsolete, norms of ethics in the international relations. But the White House showed preference for the call " culture of muerte" , that is to say, by the use of the force. The breach brought about by the lack of unity clouded, until the past week, the European and North American relations between. During the first fortnight of the month of November, the American politicians discovered with astonishment the first indications of change in the foreign policy of the main European countries. After the electoral victory of Nicholas Sarkozy, the direction of the diplomacy has undergone an unexpected course change, that contemplates an approach between Paris and Washington.


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This one is a technique that with that it is to discover what is what the leaders do or (of your enterprise sector or other different ones), and later it is to adapt that knowledge to our company (for its detractors, consists basically of to copy) Nevertheless, he is much more that. Memory that when I was young (not for so many years) there was the idea that the Japaneses copied. Nevertheless, which yes made Japan well after II the World war was to raise a country demolished and almost medieval in some aspects, turning it into the second economic power. For it, besides applying benchmarking, it contracted two specialists in quality North Americans, Deming and Juran, who taught aspects to them about the total quality, and adapted all this it to their way to make the things. And the result is that nowadays Japan is one of the leading countries in technology. To the Japaneses other Eastern dragoons happened to them, like South Korea, that nowadays or begins to be also sharpshooting, or Taiwan. The next one will be China, that still is in the stage of copying, but in some industries already it begins to blunt.

Besides this small review in scope international (del that would not badly come anything to us to take note in Spain, which we are not reference in almost anything), bechmarking can be applied in our companies of several ways: – Observing better practices than realises the competition (or, I repeat, companies of other sectors). – Obtaining this data through our employees – it approaches of other companies in which there are been or that knows by other means. – Of clients and suppliers (although it is necessary to have well-taken care of with this information, that due to the interests perhaps that can have she is not absolutely certain or exact). – Benchmarking can be realised cooperative, interchanging information on the best practices with companies than they are not competition our. – To compile the information in diverse sources, as it presses and magazines, Internet, fairs and exhibitions, et cetera. benchmarking also can be an interesting technique in a personal view, that is to say, like professionals we can have certain models of action in companions, met, famous people in certain scopes Observing and analyzing those facets that make them also emphasize in their fields of action it can learn much, and improve. For example, memory the case of a companion who was very good in the elaboration of information. And not only because he was fast, but it was very rare that it was mistaken, even handling to one grandsima amount of data.

The secret of its success was that before giving the report it realised a series of verifications and calculated a series of ratios to verify the .reasoning of the information. Something so simple or as complicated as that allowed to detect anomalies him, and thanks to it, to be almost infallible. And it is a technique that all that habitually we prepared information we can apply with relative facility, and great benefit. Original author and source of the article.

English Company

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When I age used, had a change in the direction of the company, the new directors, I had deliberated to make an auditorship to select the facts that they judged defective, I had appealed to a company? of auditorship? without much concept in the market. The first meeting was stranger? why the directors of this company? if they performed with care saying in each three words? at least two that they were in ‘ ‘ ingls’ ‘ , (exageros to the part), sabidamente to make an impression to possible the news contracted. I eat the cretino of planto, also I took my cares to make an impression? to each word said in English, sapecava I a question in good Portuguese? What he means this. Already they capsize as transcorreu the environment of the meeting? pssimo, and with gratuitous antipatia of both parts. It does not need to say that in the report it had a insuportvel load to my work e, the process based on the report of them still rolls in justice, already twelve years had been transferred good and it does not go to result in absolutely in any clarification of aventada doubt. this only serves as illustration of the danger that we run for embarking in ‘ ‘ ismos’ ‘ – as: estrangeirismos? modismos without thinking, intellectual well-taken care of greaters and evidence of the valid and trustworthy sources. Level of professional excellency if characterizes for works paved in facts and proven truths not in penumbras of not intelligible terms technician to the majority.