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With the rubric of this accord, said the Venezuelan head of State, we are starting the construction of a space ours, a unit of account common, essential to move forward, under the principles of integration, solidarity and complementarity that defends the ALBA. He is said to poignant and very comforting were the words of each and every one, especially those of the President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya, and the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, who left well clear that Cuba is part of the system of the Americas. Leaving it outside would be unjustifiable and inexcusable. The Summit of the Americas, said Skerrit, has to change its approach and its direction towards Cuba. We are going to be part of the voices being heard against the exclusion of the island. Zelaya, for his part, referred to the fact that associate with ALBA is a symbol of freedom, is break chains, is to believe that there is hope in this world again.

It has fundamentals that are producing extraordinary results. Cuba has always been a symbol for all the that we dream of a more just world, said the Honduran President. In our previous meeting we celebrated the 50 anniversary of the Cuban revolution, and today we are commemorating 48 years of the victory of his people in Giron. Cuba, my appreciation and my solidarity, he said. Emotional moment of the extraordinary Summit of the ALBA was listening to Evo, the President of Bolivia, who came to this meeting after winning a major battle in his country, for his people. Although the occasion was conducive to remember the days when it was strike and denounce the assassination attempts against his person, he devoted most of his speech to talk about the great challenges that lie ahead for the ALBA member countries, which cannot afford that the enemies of revolutions and our people endanger the construction of a different societybetter, worry, which deal with huge majorities excluded for years.

By reference to what has happened in Bolivia, Evo proposed the creation of the Human Rights Council of the ALBA to denounce such actions and defend ourselves. Another of his proposals was linked with Cuba. With such humility that characterizes him, he asked permission to give reading a sort of Declaration of the countries friends of the island that will participate in the Summit of the Americas, which will require the immediate lifting of the blockade imposed by successive American administrations. If Obama, he said, wants to have the support of everyone, as Cuba has it, you have to respect the resolutions of the United Nations, it has to lift the blockade. Also mentioned the statements of Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, special guest l of Summit, who noted that in America we are in a new era, “are genuine authors of our own destiny and we can judge any country in the world. We believe in the integration. The truth, as the first day of the extraordinary Summit of the ALBA, which had as its headquarters at the Museum of contemporary art in Cumana, adds juventudrebelde.cu. confirmed, first, that only unity among our peoples will allow further progress in the construction of the great homeland dreamed Bolivar; and, second, Cuba has not only the support and solidarity of member countries of this integrationist mechanism, but also of the vast majority of the Nations of the world. . .

The Struggle Of The Arctic

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The Arctic is thawing, this fact is concerned environmentalists and not so environmentalist is still seen by a number of countries as a great opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources such as oil and gas which in the future will be more accessible, according to a geological survey carried out by the United States a quarter of energy sources discovered are not found in the Arctic In addition to new sea routes these countries are Russia, Canada, United States, Norway and Denmark (Greenland). According to article 76 of the Convention of the sea, a State can claim an exclusive zone of 200 nautical miles and 159 additional miles of rights over the seabed, measuring from where it ends the continental shelf. At the moment has been discovered that there is no continental shelf that extends up to the North Pole and therefore are considered international waters managed by the international sea bed Authority based in Jamaica. Russia has already moved tab, it launched a expedition to prove that the underwater Lomonosov mountain range is the geological extension of the Russian territory, but both Canada with Denmark not agree and support the idea that it is a continuation of its continental masses. Russia also has a dispute with Norway, the two claim the Barents Sea for his country, at the same time Denmark is disputed Hans Island with Canada, an island of 1.3 Km2 in the Northwest Passage, step that the Government of the Canada considers as part of its waters but United States considered them international waters.

At the same time Canada claimed the Strait of Anian. United States do not recognize the claims of Russia and also ratified the Convention of United Nations on maritime law and Russia does not want to ratify the Treaty of the Bering Sea that made the Soviet Union and the United States in 1990 claiming that this had removed 50,000 km2 to Russia and that it would be harmful for Russian fishermen fishing. Canada for its part built two military bases to consolidate its sovereignty in the region, a sovereignty that are willing to fight the other Nations, also Canada plans to have eight patrol vessels which will protect routes linking the Pacific and the Atlantic on the North. While the United States plan to build two large ships. There are other ways of dividing the North Pole, one is the method of the midline, which would divide the waters of the Arctic, according to the nearest shore line, this method would give the pole to Denmark and would be beneficial to Canada. The other method is the method of the sector, would be taken as the center pole and lines would be established at all wavelengths, where Norway and Russia would gain.

The Beverage

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It is necessary therefore to understand who is alcoholic, suffers from an addiction to drinks containing alcohol, and that this addiction makes it dependent on these, and which might be dependent because it is precisely this dependence, which is also a necessity that has a demonstration behaviour that leads him to drink the beverage, but which is produced by the momentum, and the obsession only muted both by the intake of alcohol, and so person is happens the cycle indefinitely in time and in the life of this. I.e. at some point in the life of this person today alcoholic, there was a desire and an enjoy of obtaining the satisfaction of that desire, enjoyment by the intake. But then when obtaining and achieving this desire was transformed in a habit, in a compulsion to the satisfaction of the addictive behavior, already the person cannot exercise his will is now trapped by the compulsion to satisfy this obsession, this addictive need more no longer a wish, the enjoyment is why satisfaction, there is only the need to meet the compulsa to drink. It gives also on the alcoholic and product of precisely the chronicity of the habit, the threshold in which the State of alcoholic drowsiness symptoms occur are increasingly minor, this patient says it as soon as it reaches the query, it is generally, says he feels with the advance of his history of alcohol consumption is becoming increasingly less necessary to feel equally alcohol index intoxicated by this intake. It is therefore important to demystify about the possibility of stopping drinking in compulsively alcoholic, which has already entered into a both physical and psychic dependence on drink. It is important to keep this in mind, in order thereby to help sufferers of alcoholism, is the place we occupy in the life of this person, either from what link affective, family, social, institutional, etc.

Customer Center

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Structure and processes designed to meet customer, understand their needs and work collaboratively to create and retain the most profitable customers. Processes, people, data and tools oriented to deliver satisfactory experiences that generate customer loyalty. Its best commercial strategy is the development of profitable relationships with their customers in the long term. Excellence in the relationship with the customers usually either of the first two options or their combination may allow it to survive in the changing and dynamic business scenario, the latter can take it to stand out. An adequate combination of all three can guarantee you success.

Actual cases as the following figures show: A company think that the perfect for growing in the market strategy was to invest a large amount of money to innovate in your product. In a period of two years I do 6 significant improvements to your product, making that its customers would have to change in equal number of times this product. Result = loss of more than 40% of clients who preferred to hire less innovative products, given this large number of changes more stable and with better service. Company lost millions of dollars, both in their investments in innovation by the loss of customers. Another company in the same sector decided to maintain a level of innovation in its product relatively low (only an update in a period of two years) and devote most of their resources and efforts to structure a program of joint work with customers, greater support in the processes of after-sales and best coverage of the needs of their existing customers. Result = growth in the past two years of 300% in income and an improvement in customer retention of 350% over figures for previous years. Because the need to be one organization in the Customer Center?There are many reasons, such as the following (which are heard in all the seminars…) Less differentiation in products and services in the market more saturated markets, globalized and competitive more knowledgeable and more demanding customers greater orientation to the relationship and not the transaction but there is a main, which does not have any discussion: without customers not there is business, there is NO company…This did not tell no guru or expert, it is simply common sense.

Make Money

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There are many ways to make money online and each one has its challenges and specialties. However, as found in the same medium, all have some things in common. One of them, which almost nobody does and is responsible for many of the failures and the disappointment of many people who come wanting to make money online, is also one of the easiest to solve. I mean with this test. There are few people that prove their sources of income online. And this despite the fact that there are many tools of low-cost or free to do this. Many affiliate programs and services to earn money have even included its own tools. And however, the vast majority do not test.

Why gamble your winnings, your money and the future of your online business to an arbitrary decision? Because, unless you’re the best in the world in marketing, an ad or site you need to be tested. One advertisement against another. One price against another. A package or opportunity against another. Change is the only constant on the Internet and, if you’re available to test and change, you can fall into obsolescence in a few days. To be able to make money online you need to measure your results and measure is to compare. If you do not try, with that compare? Do you know that it works if you don’t compare against? So, if you want to increase your chances of making money online, get ready to make two of each thing. Two ads, two pages of landing, two campaigns, etc.

It compares. You’ll see that one of them has almost always much higher than the other performance. With this you can not only earn more money, but you have the opportunity to improve. Testing of your efforts you can achieve, little to do little, a system to be able to repeat what works, over and over again. Ultimately, when it comes to making money, especially online, is a great advantage to be able to duplicate your sources of income with proven and predictable means. To learn more, visit the blog you can make money on the Internet? Original author and source of the article

Colombia Economy

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Seventh: To generate employment, without employment there is no growth. This has much to do with what was expressed when speaking of people in an earlier aside. We are in global economic crisis, you will have heard of the growth of unemployment, a 4, a 5, 7% in some countries, it is serious, it is worrying, but if he sees it calmly, it is manageable. Unemployment increased by 5% means that for every 100 employees that had been before the crisis, 5 have lost their jobs. If each one of the companies would bring one or two new jobs much of the problem would be solved, there are many, many enterprises and micro-enterprises that in Colombia and the world have less of 100 or 50, 30 or 20 employees and that generate employment in each company of course could represent a two or 3% or more, initial growth, that joined the multiplier in the economy undoubtedly would help to quickly overcome the crisis.

If you can, generate employment, hire someone and ask him to do productive work, that person uses wages to buy things, those things should be produced, which will generate more employment and the chain continues, but at the same time that person will generate a business, someone will benefit from your product or service developed or provided by it, which will move the economy. Activity is the only thing that will take you away from the crisis, inactivity will sink in it. Don’t be left with the money in Bank or Pocket, if you can, if you have opportunity to make a new business, generate employment, hire a service, pay a salary, don’t stop, if all we make them the economy will cease to function and all colapsaremos.

Donald Trump

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Against: they are products that we do not see them on television, on radio, in supermarkets and that makes the product for many people unknown and therefore understand that you there will be wary of the. A very wrong concept or for example and since I live in Spain, does perhaps serrano ham is bad?, aliens who prove serrano ham become crazy by, few countries in the world are unaware serrano ham? Many, and by that simple fact is bad! We’ll be mistaken us insurance. Pro: to start your business don’t need to rent or buy a local, you don’t need a warehouse, it will not require employees, you won’t have to move you to your business, nor you will have to comply with a schedule of opening and closure of the establishment, investment in comparison is much lower than the traditional and can especially be compatible even with another business you have or other work. With respect to a traditional job, it has several important to assess perspectives. Your classmates will be your competition into the ascent. In Network Marketing your teammates are your team and your sponsor you formed, indicate and guide completely free because it will be the first interested in your success.

In a conventional job your income are always linear, i.e. strive or not, you you stay more time in Office or not, you always get the same income, except for a salary increase which usually go hand in hand for more responsibility within the company and therefore more time in it, more stress, etc. Precisely in the multilevel Marketing may be the opposite, will require you effort and perseverance at the beginning but over the years you will have a residual income that will allow you to stop working and freely enjoy that money you me at the beginning of the business. Against: ignorance of many people that they really fear coming out of commonly called traditional or classic. The novelty scares and prevents opening us to other possibilities which we have fortunately with new technologies.

And actually in this section I find no problem, unless someone can tell me that bothers him the postman who calls to your home or the dog in the neighbor who barks much while working at his home. Donald Trump (billionaire): once was asked what would you do if it ceases to get all their income and had to start from scratch? He replied that multilevel Marketing. A spectator pitada you and then the answer that is the reason why I’m sitting here and you’re sitting there.

Figueroswww One

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If you want my money, treat me well and if do not I’ll take my money elsewhere where Yes do it. 5. High price. If your client thinks that you can meet your need with an alternative at one lower price or a cheaper substitute, it is certain that you’ll see emigrate to a large number of buyers. Be careful with your surroundings and pay attention, at all times, to what surrounds you so the price of your product is not out of the game. 6.

Obsolete features. We are in a world that evolves constantly. Thanks to the latest technology is within reach of everyone. Now, everything goes much faster. It is important that you go updating features and functionalities of your products in order to avoid that they become obsolete.

7. Increased competition. If you are operating in a sector where entry barriers are low (don’t need much capital to start, no specific knowledge is required) and yields are reasonable, the chances that you have to face a lot of competition there are many. The best way to combat competition is to differentiate yourself from them. When your product offers what others offer and has the same features, you will end up, unfortunately, fighting with prices downward. It incorporates developments, enhances the features, stay ahead of your competitors and get customers to think of it as something unique that not can nor should be compared with other alternatives. 8. Bad image. If for any reason, your company or your product is associated with a controversial fact, it is likely that that fact contaminate your image. Be careful with this type of situation because customers shy away from everything that can have negative connotations. If the case, try to solve it as soon as possible in order to cut the indentation of clients. 9. Lack of contact. In certain sectors such as consultancy, you can face the escape of customers by not maintaining a contact with your base of buyers. Imagine that you’ve completed a project for a client and short relationship with him until a new opportunity arises. Surely, the contact will cool and when that new opportunity, there will be another one that occupies your site have been cattle the confidence of your excliente when you were not. 10. Change city or death. Although it does not occupy one of the first places in this list, we must contemplate that a small percentage of customers leave you because they change their city, or simply die. At the time that analysis the causes and understand why your customers will leave may have noticed the first step to retain them. From there, you can define the most appropriate strategy to achieve that your customers remain with you for a long time. Do you want to have a profitable business? As you know that you have to do. Salvador Figueroswww.GorilMarketing.


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Who is the King in the business? Joan Claramunt 1. Customer focus: the customer is King. This is the concept on which turns the rest of the philosophy of relationship marketing. He has been living in an economy in which the Center was the product to move to an economy centered on the client. 2.

Customer intelligence: you need to have knowledge about the client in order to develop products/services focused on their expectations. Databases and rules are used to convert data into knowledge. 3 Interactivity: The communication process passes a monologue (Enterprise to customer) to a dialogue (between the company and customer). In addition, is the client that directs dialogue and decides when it starts and when it ends. 4 Customer loyalty: is much better and more profitable (in the order of six times less) to gain the loyalty of customers who acquire new customers. The customer loyalty becomes very important and therefore the management of the life cycle of the client. 5.

The axis of communication is focused direct marketing to individual customers rather than in mass media (TV, press, etc.). Moves to develop campaigns based on profiles with products, offers and messages directed specifically to certain types of customers, instead of using mass media with non-differentiated messages. 6 Customizing: Each customer wants communications and custom offerings so you need great efforts in intelligence and customer segmentation. Customization of the message, in background and shape, increases drastically the effectiveness of communication actions. 7 Think of customers as an asset whose profitability is often in the medium and long term and not always in short-term revenue. The client becomes reference to develop marketing strategies to capture its value over time.

Twitter and Business Development

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The keyword is Balance. If you want to share information that not only it is yours. Be quite careful in how long you use promoting yourself. Self-promotion is only a red flag alert. Share information that is not only yours gives credibility. The idea is to win money but please try to balance this by providing information and valuable resources to your followers.This is powerful if and when you use it together with a little of yours own promotion in each Tweet, people will realize that you are giving you valuable information and they will be regarded as a Heroe.Hay that keep in mind that Twitter and Blogs go hand in hand. Twitter has completely revolutionized the way that people communicate online, and this should be a vital aspect of your marketing plans for your blog. Join Twiiter is free and you can create an account in a matter of minutes.On Twitter we found two main elements.

As in other social networks like MySpace or Facebook, we can add followers and also follow other people. They will receive their news and you You will receive theirs. Your messages are limited to 140 characters, and this is why some people call this a microbloogging tool. You need to create short and specific messages.Sometimes is very talented can send a message with so little space, but is also enough space to put all our creativity in the broiler. You try to put your message in a single line with the idea and your link if this is possible. Get to say what you have to say and this little space one of the mayoras causes explosive growth of Twitter.Puedes if you want to have a look at one of the top 100 and so thus have an idea of the power of Twitter when you really know how to use it to grow your business.