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When I age used, had a change in the direction of the company, the new directors, I had deliberated to make an auditorship to select the facts that they judged defective, I had appealed to a company? of auditorship? without much concept in the market. The first meeting was stranger? why the directors of this company? if they performed with care saying in each three words? at least two that they were in ‘ ‘ ingls’ ‘ , (exageros to the part), sabidamente to make an impression to possible the news contracted. I eat the cretino of planto, also I took my cares to make an impression? to each word said in English, sapecava I a question in good Portuguese? What he means this. Already they capsize as transcorreu the environment of the meeting? pssimo, and with gratuitous antipatia of both parts. It does not need to say that in the report it had a insuportvel load to my work e, the process based on the report of them still rolls in justice, already twelve years had been transferred good and it does not go to result in absolutely in any clarification of aventada doubt. this only serves as illustration of the danger that we run for embarking in ‘ ‘ ismos’ ‘ – as: estrangeirismos? modismos without thinking, intellectual well-taken care of greaters and evidence of the valid and trustworthy sources. Level of professional excellency if characterizes for works paved in facts and proven truths not in penumbras of not intelligible terms technician to the majority.

Brazilian Water Supply

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The systems of water supply use environmental resources, can cause ambient modifications and contain generating units of residues. The ambient release must all be given for the system, since the captation until the distribution. In accordance with the federal legislation, Resolution CONAMA 001/1986, is necessary that if it makes a Study of Ambient Impact? EIA and also an Environmental impact report? IT RHYMES. Water distribution in Brazil In accordance with given of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), almost all Brazilian cities have service of water supply, about 97%; 78.6% have service of urban draining and 99.4% have garbage collection. The sanitary exhaustion is the service that represents the lesser tax, more already is offered in more than half 52.2% of the Brazilian cities. The Brazilian on average receives 0,26 m3 (260 liters) from per capita, average water that he varied sufficiently between the regions, in the Southeastern region, the distributed volume reached average of 0,36 m3 per capita, whereas the northeast region did not arrive nor at the half, presenting a per capita average of 0,17 m3. The water distribution in the set of the 8656 districts with general net is made through 30,58 million land linkings, being that 25 million these possess measurers (hydrometers).

The Southeastern region presents the highest index of measurement, with 91% of the measured linkings. The index lowest if finds in the region North, with 37% of measured linkings. Of agreement with the water treatment, 7.2% of the distributed water does not receive no type of treatment, inda today, districts is supplied with underground water, as in the states of Par (89%) and Rio Grande Do Sul (75%), that, even so not treated, it can have good quality. The region North presents a different standard of the too much regions. North-eastern, Southeastern, South and Center-West, more than 90% of the distributed water receives some type of treatment, while in the North this percentage is of 67,6%.

The System

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Therefore the benefits are innumerable as to diminish the cost of the care in the residence and I number to reduce it of reinternaes. 3.3Benefcios and Advantages of the Reference and Against Described Reference for Juliani and Ciampone (1999) that: ‘ ‘ in the decade of 80 already it had studies that they related to problems in the organization of the System of Reference and Against-reference, amongst them the communication of different levels of attention to sade’ ‘. the authors still contemplate that with the precarious system the continuity of the assistance can not occur, also generating increase of the costs. Krzanich, another great source of information. Following this Saito optics (2004, p.125) he places that the functionality of the system of reference and against reference does not generate supercapacity of the health services, mainly in the tertiary service. Corroborating in this thematic Oliveira (2007, p.23) it displays that to assure the continuity of the health services, a rationalization of the attendance through the mechanism of reference is necessary and against reference thus guaranteeing a commanded flow and allowing with that the health necessities were taken care of with adjusted surrounding technologies and, and with the objective greater the accompaniment until the resolution of the problems. The system of reference and against reference is basic so that if it materialize the right of the users the completeness that guides the work processes and you practise them professionals, proportionate quality of life the population. Where this action assures the finishing of the assistance through this net of service.

The Values

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The lies that we can take by the societies of the past, disclose to us importance to it to the ambient planning ' ' a time that one of the difficulties for the protection of natural ecosystems is in the existence of the differences of the values and the importance of the same ones between individuals of different cultures or of partner-economic groups that play distinct functions, in the social plan in this ambientes' '. The linguistic diversity is to ' ' language of ouro' ' , not only in a report of idiomatic variations. (HEVIA, 2007, P. 31-32). An ambient education involves cultural questions that for its you see readily was absorbed by these groups, that an excellent chance for the development of ambient knowing constitutes. (PINK, 2007, P.

27). One recognizes it importance of if carrying through studies of ambient education in local communities, in order to manage the sustainable development of this region. ambient education is permeada in the different curricular contents and the different social and ecological phenomena. Understood, therefore, in a reflection space necessarily to interdisciplinar. If to consider the conditions of life of a population that lives the edges of the social advances, extracting its sustenance of the nature without the necessary conditions for an exploration of the nature in sustainable way, requires an educative intervention that the local culture respects and the conditions of learning of the citizens that will be party to suit to be unchained. The developments of as the individual know are capable to classify and to compare, to seriar initial instruments for the understanding of the world, being understood emergenciais problems appeared between the man and the natural world, inside of the civilization process. Perhaps the interatividade between pupil and environment in the learning process, can contribute for the popular awareness how much the construction of the citizenship in defense of the environment, of biological diversity and of life conditions more joust.


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Contradictions, many details badly explained, had taken the Policy to accuse Figueiredo as being ordering of the death. It arrived at other presumptions involved, that would be intermediate and even though one that would have testified the execution, but did not arrive to the main one, that is, the body of Alba. Exactly, Figueiredo and other defendant had thus finished considered and imprisoned, being that some had fulfilled the penalty integrally. Coming back the searches of the body, the paranoia was as much that certain time arrived the rays of the nonsense. A person communicated that she had a skeleton next to one quarter of the Army, to few meters of the edge of the Anhanguera highway. She very did not need for policemen and the press already to bind: ' ' Finally, she must be the body of the poor person dentista' '.

In few minutes, the place all was put into motion, with apreensivos policemen ahead of a possible newness to follow in the inquiries and the press in agitation waiting the sad one, but so waited confirmation of that, after years of searches, finally the corpse of the victim was found. It fit to the medical legal expert Fortunato Badan Palhares, in few minutes, to play a cold water bucket in what it could be a new way for the inquiry. When analyzing the bones, the connoisseur evidenced that the skeleton at least was human being Policemen and reporters if entreolham they disfaram as if each one wanted to excuse itself for limped and fine rain if it would put in charge to disarrange marks of steps and tires left in the place Until this chronicle to be written, in 2005, therefore per 18 years, the mystery of the disappearance of the body of the Alba dentist continued, arrives in 2012 and nothing.

Restaurant Business

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If there is a region that in croquis restaurantero is well they are the Alicante restaurants. This part of Spain is formed of special way, bringing a music different from the mouths are united in a rate tuna, rhythmic very, to offer really amazing sensations. On the other hand, the name is very dynamic for those who wants to enjoy a tremendous variety of sensations that settles down within a truly interesting frame that is conjugated in a good way to enjoy the own requirements of the good one for eating. In this so important panorama it is logical that we must define a good integration. This integration logically is obtained with the profile that each companion at table gives well mannered to the restaurantero premises that are had to form like basic at the time of tasting.

These tastings, by all means, are adapted to emphasize the good sense of the food that has settled down like a prop of truly effective attention and of quality that, of some or another form, can give a good testimony us of the food in himself. For the good tables, it is evident that the restaurants in Spain as those of Alicante are enjoyed in giving to the companions at table a good possibility of maintaining the flavor and the style. For it is logical that the restaurantero sense of Alicante is one of most innovating of Spain from a certainly gracious point of view and, why not to say it, flavorful, until the point to re-invent with a good possibility of reacomodo what means to eat in Alicante. It is time of which the companions at table identify themselves totally with the stages more important than she means the good table and the good attention with regard to the feeling of Alicante. Simply it is a success of the Spanish kitchen that promises best and the most select thing to us.

Categorically speaking, it is the best opportunity certainly to enjoy new attentions, good forms, good concepts and something more than simply to eat. Now, this occurs gradually insofar as Alicante stands out more in the kitchen. On the one hand, it is as if all the weight of Alicante of a way or another one and of a little while to the present would be identified with the gastronomical feeling of one nation that it has thrown everything. These good sensations have reported him in certain way a new structure to the kitchen of attention in Alicante, that has been managed to maintain until an admirable degree of optimism as regards the attention towards the clients and what it is formed like so in the map. We are referring obvious a gastronomical map to us that little by little it has ahead more options, more sensations, more cooking supplies than they have to maintain to us. Many other categorisations take to us to take us in serious the so rich food of Alicante. Clear that not always we will be able to adapt to the changes in structure of the main gastronomical sensations in Spain and that later has made it much more amazing.


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Of beginning already a basic interrogation is figured concernente to the act of conception of the thought, in particular, the scientific one. It is asked: ' ' because the knowledge if presents creative as inaudito, beyond the restricted possibility of the simple logical deduction, producing itself then as given newness, stops beyond the possible shirt of force dialectic that happens in the modality of the method in its logical universality which functionally imprisons the concept in the axiomatic skeleton? ' ' or, alternatively, ' ' which the type of epistemologia that ahead grants to the creative act sovereignty of of the one of the conclusive ones reached only for that pure logicidade? ' ' It is from Kant who the judgment – epistemologicamente constructive – to concer nente to science is defined in its generality, universality and character of apodictical type, namely, ' ' transcendental' '. Distinct of the analytical judgments which nothing adds to the knowledge – with the predicate I only unlace shout from the citizen – and the judgments synthetic a posteriori – that they are in the total dependence of the vivencivel experience – the solitary of Keningsberg defines general, universal and apodictical the synthetic judgments a priori one which correspond to science (and tam- well to possible metaphysics) as and ocorren of as a epistmica essence that assures the growth or acrs top of a mountain of the knowledge associating subject to the o preached in a linking to the first unknown sight and not categorically deductible for logic. The thesis to defend here attributes to the intrinsic and constituent college of criati vidade the attribution of the synthetic judgments a priori. Boom creative could be mentioned analogicalally to the same fantastic report of onrico type, in which or- logical-deductible ganizao does not present greater importance but profu is of the representation and of the conceitualidade they arise in the construction of proces only cognoscitivo, in the possibly universal teorizao.

Decorative Elements For Christmas Handmade

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When we decorated the table for the day of Christmas Eve really must not have a luxurious or extremely original aspect. We can use things that already we must in house and give a Christmas touch them if we give a new approach them and we played with the typical colors of this festive time. These adjustments can be very significant and in addition we can give our personal touch. Not only it is a very pleasant diversion but also that we will take advantage of our more creative side at the same time as we exercised the imagination. It is not necessary to buy a new table cloth. We can use the typical table cloth that usually we have kept and simply to add new adornments to him around the edges. We could, for example, sew Christmas reasons to him in the ends. A small Christmas tree in one of the ends can be dyed a simple white table cloth and even be drawn.

Also you can sew tapes of colors in the edges of the same. There are many ideas that you can implement for a tuna table center. This center is the main piece of the table where we will have dinner and will be the attention center as much of the family like of the guests. If you already have a center ” of every year ” personalzalo giving your personal touch adding fresh flowers, candles, leaves of murdago and fruits him or fruits droughts. The candles are very important like decorative elements of this time of the year. If one is going away to use candles like part of the center of the table, is important to consider that these do not have to be closely together of the companions at table due to the danger which they suppose. Also, they are not due to place closely together of the other so that thus they do not melt.

The red and green candles stay very well as Christmas reasons. It places bows of the greatest colors around giving the festive touch them. It is possible to be removed to much party to ace fruits to them droughts and the fresh fruits. These can compose a simple and quite original really precious table center besides. The oranges, apples and lemons are very well. Colcalas on a decorative bowl adorning with leaves of murdago and pineapples. You can also add mint to accentuate the center still more. As it touches end, it scatters some fruits droughts around the center. As it is possible to be seen, he is easy and funny to create our own Christmas decorations to give the special touch that this time as much it requires. Besides stimulating our imagination, also it will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Web Client

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Altogether they had spent about ten days. I sent a new email, 3, always in tone very educado.ERROR NUMBER 4: Passed two weeks from the purchase, I sent a new email, 4. This time leaving the tone calmed to a side. My claim was not that the product arrived to me immediately, simply solicitd that somebody was put in contact with me or would put one denuncia.ERROR NUMBER 5: That same night, to 22h I received copy of an internal email in which the employee of attention to the client ordered to the service of shipments that gave to the information on the date and form me of delivery. Not even they went directly. On the following day the package arrived when I was not in house.

In fact, there was nobody no to gather it. ERROR NUMBER 6: they left a neighbor to whom I did not have authorized. My neighbor was very amiable, but also he could happened who outside an edge or directly somebody that I do not know. The company did not call to me – although they had my number to confirm if they could leave it to another one persona.ERROR NUMBER 7: When I sent the last email to confirm that it had received the package I did not obtain any answer either. CONCLUSION The delivery of the purchase was realised in a reasonable time having in it tells that it was Christmas. Nevertheless, the attention to the client was terrible. Fodder not to return to buy in that page Web.

All the recommendations skipped that I enumerated in previous my post: There was no communication with the client, not even before the repeated requests on the part of this (that is to say, I) Promised a information who never proporcionaronEntregaron the package to a stranger (I must add, that the package not even went minimumly surrounded, reason why my neighbor knows with exactitude that things gift family) Never made sure if the client she were satisfied and much less requested excuses by the lack of information As consuming never I have been especially demanding. Perhaps another person in this situation would have itself angry more. In any case, this company has my " recommendation negativa" for my friendly and relatives. They could even write a critical envelope, with identity data of the company. And by all means, there are lost to a little demanding client in normal conditions and that he buys quite often online. You that you think? You think that yes I was very demanding or that I was not reasonable? You think that the company acted correctly? Or on the contrary, you think that with this attitude they throw stones against its own tile roof? You it has happened something similar sometimes? As always, I am open to know other points of view or experiences that serve to the readers as this blog to learn and to improve. Original author and source of the article.

Games Of Mahjong

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MahJong is a traditional game of Chinese origin consisting by 144 parts. It has indications that it is a modern version of one millenarian tray of oracle used for the old Chinese adivinhos. Made to play for four people, its functioning is simple and well similar to the occidental games of letter. Basically, you have as objective to make small combinations of rocks. With a proper nomenclature, the game allows three different types of combinations of rocks.

The first one takes the name of ' ' Chow' ' is umasequencia of three rocks with the same ' ' naipe' '. Second &#039 is called; ' Pong' ' is three equal parts of the same ' ' naipe' ' , ' ' elemento' ' or ' ' vento' ' , forming a species of ' ' trinca' '. Third it is the Kong, four equal parts of the same ' ' naipe' ' , ' ' elemento' ' or ' ' vento' ' , forming one it squares. To gain the game it is necessary to make a Chow, a Pong, a Kong and a pair of equal rocks, forming its MahJong. What it approaches the Mah Jong of one still more game of letters is the form as the plays of the parts are carried through. To each round it is possible to buy parts and to discard others that confuse its composition, in the same way as we are accustomed with games as hole. One of the few disadvantages of the traditional MahJong is that it is made to play itself in four people, being impossible to play alone.

To decide the problem of the players of MahJong, some versions of games exist currently online with the solitary way that, can and must be played by an only person. The MahJong online is an excellent option in the hour to play, because it is an excellent exercise of reasoning, does not make baguna and it does not suffer limitations for the number from people. Optimum of everything it is the MahJong does not go nor to occupy space in its computer. As it is a game online is not necessary nor to make download. The Internet is enough to a hardwired computer and you already it can start to play!