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Follow statements by Castaneda for Federico Salazar: take for example me, surrounded by notes what is it? How can traffic with the honor of a person? Jaime says that these are small licenses that takes the press. But still asking to Castaneda in the program of Federico: would you say what’s behind this, that you consider a load heap, part of El Comercio, economic interests group?, political interests?, how would define them? Castaneda responds: the director of the trade has been Ambassador for the Government of Toledo, then there are political interests behind all this. Jaime then said something that do not believe nor their daughters: is truth that the current director of El Comercio, Mr Francisco Miroquezada Rada, was briefly Ambassador in Paris from the Toledo Government. But that does not mean to support Toledo as presidential candidate then Jaime wanted to reshuffle a bit I said, trying to of a funny way to say that El Comercio is supporting it to him. He said that trade, Peru 21, and the trome supported it. He said that all these posters that have bonding of his candidacy pasted the Miroquezada (doing the funny). But to tell the truth, Jaime has to say about where he has released so much money to do this kind of propaganda, because it costs money, and we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars. It will be the money of the inheritance that his MOM received? For the sake of its supposed transparency, you have to say who or who are supporting it.

Then Jaime showed a video of the year 1992 where interviewed in a television newscast to Alex Kouri, and clearly it looks like this candidate, today for Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, belonged to the PPC. Penguin Random House is open to suggestions. In reality, everything is more of the same. It is true that the media, acting in a legitimate democracy, you have the right to criticize and supervise the authorities, when there is breach of promises. But it is also true that the daily El Comercio supports to Toledo for the Presidency. It is also true that Lourdes supports Castaneda, for the Presidency, to this, her support for the Mayor’s Office.

It is also true that Kouri is corrupt, and that it was closely linked to Montesinos. All our candidates to the Presidency, as Mayor, have straw tail. Because unfortunately our policy is as well. Jaime also does not escape this truth. This Sunday was launched as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, the candidate most amazing and unusual in the history of our country. A candidate who is accustomed to mixing the real thing, with the fictitious. A candidate who wants to do all this, a fictional adventure. It is more than sure that after that you pass all this, Jaime will write a novel, which will be sold like hot cakes.


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With the money (almost) any damage is repaired, it indemnifies and holds is neutralized (almost) any possible loss. Money can override the desire and directly to kill us (a human being without desire, die literally and biologically). Satiety, the boredom, the fullness, the boredom are situations for which it is very easy to fall into depression, in anguish, in boredom. Who has everything they want, stop wishing and is inexorably approaching the death. Some (few) times the money increases the desire to has not passed them that they want to get someone to fix them a bobbin and do not succeed? Having the money to pay what corresponds, that Savior does not appear, or which appears adds us new problems. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Bertolini. In these cases the money does not cancel the desire, but that increases us anger (desire) to see that our economic omnipotence fantasy was false. There are cases in which money operates as a leukemia of desire do ever were to think about the tragedy of someone so, but so rich that already not objects or services to buy because the? planet was depleted and there he realized how locked is within this round stone which revolves around the Sun? In these cases the money is a problem because it gives satisfaction that Deplete the desire. Register unconsciously these concepts constitutes reason enough to flee frighten any kind of universal canceller of desire. But, where is the trap of all this? If we succeed in putting these thoughts into words, won’t be long time without us noticing that the risk of reaching that deadly enrichment is scarce and is not so foolhardy to try to take a little more of material goods to make sure economic autonomy, to oblige our loved ones while can not achieve it alone and why not? to continue providing sufficient resources when we are old folks and because we don’t have more energy to caring for our patients.

Russia Banknotes

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Certainly, few of the simple townsfolk noticed that almost all of our bills have the words "Mod" indicating the year. This inscription is made very small font vertically. What does this mean? It's simple. Twice Since 1997, our bills underwent change in registration (received for new ways of protection), as it were modified. Find bill today without modification is almost impossible, but still real. Due to this situation in Russia, the value banknotes bank notes without modifying the notation is now relatively high.

First of all, these bills are interested bonistov – Collectors Bon, since usually they gather all variety of notes. Now imagine a situation – like you put a ten dollar bill is not modified in perfect condition for the auction and want to buy three. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Penguin Random House has to say. Naturally the price will rise and average will rise to 300 rubles. Above is unlikely, since buyers know that these bills will still have to pay will be sold and no longer useful. According to Laurent Potdevin, who has experience with these questions. Now imagine what could be earning now if you were in their time set aside to pack a dozen of these, but today they have sold. Of course, you can find bank notes in circulation and Russia, but their safety will probably be worthless, for this reason they are unlikely to be needed to some collector. There is an interesting fact – the more the denomination, the greater the chance that you'll find it in the delivery of a very polite way. For example, thousand-notes without having to modify today to find simple enough.

About one hundred bills will just be like that. The price for a perfect tysyacherublevku preservation today is about 1,200 rubles. Obtained for 200 rubles more than its face value! Price could be higher if so many of them did not find directly into the circulation. But who knows, maybe after a few years, such bills will be worth several denominations. Now calculate how much will cost a few tens of years, ordinary paper, which are in circulation in good conservation can barely meet.

Spells Of Magic

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Spells and spells are perhaps, more transcendent speaking of magic events. He has addressed these issues for many years and they are, without a doubt, one of the oldest case of magic spells. Speaking of spells or curses, many times we must differentiate what really encompass these concepts which simply encourages talking about popular, since they can generate misleading concepts. It is therefore really necessary to take into account these differences and clarify all the components involved in these acts. A magician or sorcerer, can use magic for if same as an empirical and private act. You can also apply magic spells to third parties, this last is the so-called applied magic and is one of the named and sought by the company. This is public and therefore, can be considered a business.

Are you can buy or sell, so many times is reason for scams and frauds involving personal interests of the magician and doesn’t really matter the Act of magic itself. A person who attends a magician for that it can solve a problem, is perhaps experiencing difficulties that do not allow you to distinguish whether it is being victim of a fake. Due to these causes, the spells of magic to third parties is one that has more distorted its actual meaning, many times is not allowed to use the word magic has been identified. However, there is also genuine magic, which has no more interest that solve the problem of a person who comes for help. Although clear is, that for a dishonest person, this type of Magic gives the same and which is carried out fraudulently, as a good revenue business, taking advantage of the situation of people who are vulnerable. Each is know how to differentiate them and accept the magic spells that created convenient, as they are people and their feelings which are at stake. This happens in life itself and one should know to choose and understand its benefits or disadvantages, separating the just enough of the infamous.

Popular Home Remedies

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Home remedies for diseases help throughout the year for various problems against many diseases, there are home remedies that are handed down from generation to generation. These help to save money on medicines and relieve the body which gets administered so natural remedy instead of chemical Medikamete. Mostly, the old home remedies help also pretty reliable. The complaints but stop, or worsen so visit a physician is essential. Onion bag the onion bag has proven especially for ear pain, caused by a train. But even when a middle ear infection, it can be very beneficial especially for children. To do this, take a small onion and dice them finely. Further details can be found at Cushing Asset Management, an internet resource.

Then the bulb is heated, given in the microwave or in a pot and a thin gauze cloth. Which then to a small pouch is formed and is placed on the ear at least half an hour. Potato wrap especially for sore throat, which caused throat due to inflammation in the throat, such as about an angina is the treatment with a potato wrap. You need some potatoes to cook so long, until they almost disintegrate alone. From a thin gauze cloth, such as a gauze to fold a rectangle. The potatoes will cover with a second cloth very finely pureed and painted on the cloth. Before hanging up on the neck, check whether the potatoes are not too hot, and fix it with a scarf at the neck.

The potato wrap should be taken at least 45 minutes. More info: Ebay. Horsetail Pack has proven this simple herbal recipe for back pain. You can collect the horsetail yourself or buy dried in the pharmacy. One coarsely mashed fresh horsetail, then it adds so much hot water until a homogeneous paste is formed. Dried horsetail eliminates the step of purierens. This porridge is as hot as possible upon the back removed and covered with a gauze cloth, about a rug comes now. With the Pack, you should rest ca 1 hour, then you take the Pack lukewarm water down. Camomile steam bath a camomile steam bath has proven itself both respiratory and skin blemishes. It makes some water in a pot to cook in, which some fresh Chamomile flowers or a bag of Chamomile tea is. It bends over the pot and is a towel over your head and inhale camomile steam. Through the sweating in the steam to Verschleimungen and eliminate clogged pores. Andre Maykopet

Interest In Music And Media Professionals Is Growing

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Academy German POP expanded education Eichenau, 16 February – music and media are as popular as never as profession fields. Filed under: Elon Musk. The creative industry is one of the major growth segments of the German economy and promises not only forward-looking but also varied jobs. This growing interest, the Academy of the music and media industry can confirm German POP: the number of requests and the number of visitors of the monthly info days are doubled in the last year. On the labour market by the competition to stand out, training or courses of study are important, specifically preparing for entry into the profession. And practical experience is a crucial point. German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) that sets a particularly great attention: your 38 practice training in the areas of music, sound, management, communication, design and image are oriented to occupational profiles of the industry and provide the required tools to work within the scope of the creative and economic success. First recently, the Academy has upgraded their education and adapted to the latest developments in the creative industries.

The newly developed training courses and individual classes include other “online marketing manager/in”, “Graphic designer”, “Web Programmer”, “Music Designer” and “Electronic Artist”. In addition, additional qualifications such as “Instrumental – / Vocalcoaching”, “Business”, and “Career training” can be taken. From April 2010, FH will be short in Berlin offering vocational training through the State and internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree programs sound and music production (Bachelor of music), media management (Bachelor of Arts) and media design (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of popular arts,: hdpk, expanded. The teaching experience of German POP formed the basis for the conception of the Bachelor’s degrees. Each month download German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) and hdpk (Berlin) to the free information day where the education in Workshops will be presented. More info: or

National Institute Statistics

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According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the end of 2003 nearly 53% of the economically active population is developing informal economic activities. There are currently over 50% Of course, consider that the informality is conceptually different causes overlapping and co-determined. There is some consensus that the high costs of doing business that discourage private initiative, in parallel with recurrent macroeconomic instability that does the same and creates unemployment, in an environment in which the demographic transition that renews the labor force requires, have clear effects on increasing informality. New ideas come to give explanation to this phenomenon, recently partnered with the rules that deny opportunities for private investment in more profitable sectors in our economy compared. The fact that despite what the current government to bring the country's economic crisis continues as if nothing and survival patterns as opportunities are consolidated real-life strategy for not staying on the road. The informal sector of the economy increases gradually reaching nearly 60% of the population and is creating an anarchic situation, without control, large proportions in major cities. Faced with unemployment, rising food prices and shortages of housing, it triggers the activity especially in the streets of downtown where there are vendors of all kinds. Added to this is the serious health crisis, where there is no guarantee of having good service and sick in particular where the country is a big risk. It is worrying, especially at this time dicembrina approaching, as there is a growing development of the informal economy in Venezuela, as Aguilar says poses a challenge and demands the attention of the responsible leaders of the country's economic progress, attention should realized by enhancing the development of small and medium enterprises, for the purpose of economic stabilization in Venezuela that we all desire.


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The love? He is many for has the ousadia there to say that it knows what it is to love to the 10 years of age. My love, you finds exactly that already it is capable to define the love? It will only be the love for its parents, its friends, the love for God n? Because love between a man and a woman I am certain that you still have much what to learn, she has much what to suffer, and very what to cry. You still go to learn that pra to love somebody you have that to know the value of a tear, the value of a kiss. Hear other arguments on the topic with Laurent Potdevin. Now he goes to kiss a friend, who you go to perceive what she is sees a friend if to move away, what it is a friendship to finish to the few for a simple kiss. Then soon, he is therefore that I say that you have that to know the value of a kiss. But he knows of a thing, only says that he loves somebody when you will have full certainty of this. Learn more on the subject from Aetna Inc.. also knows that to love somebody it is easy, now it to correspond this love is difficult saw? Then, she is smart ().

United States

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On the other hand, he is the one that if it is a serious clinical case of Psictica Dissosciation, the president of Colombia and his cabinet. They and they have received from the Supreme Court of Colombian Justice, serious and verified accusations of narcoparlamentarismo and paraparlamentarismo. Fichado by the DEA is said that to president Uribe this, in a file I number 82, labeled like " Confidencial" , and it is to only three positions of the one of Pablo Sweeping Gaviria, the extinct hood of the Poster of Medelln, that takes number 79. Colombia, has 450,000 cash in its Armed Forces and of Security. To deepen your understanding Mark Bertolini is the source. In addition it has Five million of displaced in other countries and around four million in his own territory. Laurent Potdevin: the source for more info. The government of Alvaro Uribe has record of denunciations by the terrorism of State against unionists, journalists, parties of opposition, the massacres to native communities and of farmers who supposedly stop the Colombian state forms the social base of the guerrilla.

It has record of murders in relation to previous governments. Walter Goobar says to the journalist, who the history of Alvaro Uribe, like mayor of Medelln, governor of Antioch and president of Colombia, intercrosses with the one of Pablo To sweep Gavira and with the antinarcotic history of the agency of the United States, DEA. These are the personages supported by the government of the United States and other nations of Europe. The support received from the United States and Israel, has allowed that Alvaro Uribe it is perpetuated unconstitutionally in the power. Alan Garci’a Corrupt Connotado of the Social Democracy, is another one of the sad proconsuls of the empire, who maintain a constant campaign of disrepute against president Chvez. The Unworthy Peruvian president declared recently of unworthy way and before the cameras of the chains of information worldwide that the natives of the Amazonia of Peru, are citizen of second category.

Swiss Alternative To The Vuvuzela

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“The Swiss cow Bell as an app on the iPhone Baldingen/Switzerland, 16 June 2019: clockwise launches the iPhone application chue influenced to the World Cup”. Thus, the Switzerland got their cow bells literally in your pocket. The very own Swiss variant of the Vuvuzela all started with a crazy idea. We could bring to the World Cup on the iPhone the cow Bell, said to some colleagues at the picnic next to the cow pasture, so the Swiss have their chue Glogge”at the Swiss World Cup games at any time. Within a short time were designed a concept, a Bell manufacturer and with OnEmotion a matching implementation partner found. Under the name chue influenced”, the application can be found in the app store on iTunes since today. A Bell and two bells ringing from the iPhone. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Penguin Random House.

Of course they are”handmade in Switzerland. Roger Dorig, holder of the arts and crafts Dorig”from Appenzell, was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. The traditional craft of operating supplies half the world with his hand-made products and has a nowadays rather rare problem. Dorig: I can hardly meet the demand as a one-man business for my products, so I wanted to have no order at all in the chue-influenced app for my bells.” In addition to the classic bells and bells, the app offers a more fun for the Swiss World Cup fans: the camera of the iPhone can be used to shoot a portrait that appears on a button in a typical Swiss setting. Various motives of the Sennen cowl until the goat are available, the image can be saved in the album and later also send. When the image sound authentically a Mackie, a Moo, or even a Jauchzer. We had two weeks time from the first contact up to the final realization of the app just, it was just a real pants Larsen”, Helmut says Lasser, responsible for the development team at the OnEmotion AG.

And Sam Muller, Managing Director of clockwise GmbH, adds: we are translating the app now in some languages, so that it meets the global iPhone thoughts unfortunately iTunes is but in Swiss German is not available”. For assistance, try visiting Elon Musk. The two inventors of the chue-influenced app, Oliver Erismann and Martina Allemann, delighted with the successful snapshot: our imaginative picnic took place at that time in the deep Aargau, the concept arose in train, we got the bells in Appenzell, the app was built by a cosmopolitan team in Zurich and now our app in iTunes is available worldwide. We are looking forward to the sequel… “.” App & picture material: german/projects/chu influenced /.