Personal Growth

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To the extent that one is attentive in all those actions that we undertake, in the behavior that we express in our interrelationships according to our roles, to identify with our mission, in the understanding of the why we are at this level, tells us that we are concerned in cultivating our spiritual growth in pro of being better every day and know the opportunity that is given to us go through this dimension. We complement this written, whereas the valuable contributions that other hikers we legan in its transit, repeating its contents. In this opportunity we have selected: LA Lo INDECISION had been caught in flagrante delicto of theft, and there were no extenuating circumstances which justify it. Despite all its negative could not avoid Justice sent him to the death. True, he had tried to show calm and had managed to impress their same judges. He still had a little humor, and decided to play up to the last letter. It would at least gain time, to live one little longer. When read you the statement that condemned him to be hanged, listened calmly, and concluded the session asked if he would have the opportunity to express his last wish.

It was impossible that they refuse it. And so it was. Granted it is, before even figure out that it was-I would said to be myself who choose the tree in whose branch I’ll have to be executed. Although the petition judges seemed somewhat romantic for the dramatic circumstances, there was no disadvantages in either grant it. He was appointed a picket of four guards to accompany him on the journey through the forest on the outskirts of the old medieval city, in which this event took place in accordance with customs and procedures of the time. Lasted more than three hours walk, which impatient at all, less to the party concerned, who spent his time unscrupulously noting with irony and superiority every tree and every slice that could be your last point of support on this earth that is meant in brief.