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According to Chiavenato (2004, P. 430), the main item of the program of hygiene of the work must be related with: 1) Physical environment of work, involving: luminosity adjusted for each type of activity; removal of gases, ackward odors and smoke, as well as the removal of possible smokers or use of masks; maintenance of levels adjusted of temperature; removal of noises or the use of auricular protectors; 2) Psychological environment of work, involving: pleasant human relationships; pleasant and motivadoras activities; democratic and participativa management; elimination of possible sources of estresse; 3) Application of ergonomics principles, involving: adequate machines and equipment to the characteristic human beings; tables and installations adjusted to the size of the people; tools that reduce the necessity of human physical effort; These are some tips, related to the Hygiene of the Work, to improve the work environment, according to Rui Macedo: ) Illumination? to prevent consequences, the surfaces of work, walls and pisos, they must be foscas and the monitor must possess anti-reflexiva screen. It prevents to locate the computer close to windows and uses lights with adequate protection; b) Colors? it balances the luminncias using soft colors in tones kills; c) Temperature? as rule generality, comfortable temperatures, for informatizados environments, are between 20 and 22 centigrade degrees, in the winter and between 25 and 26 centigrade degrees in the summer (with humidity levels it enters 40 60%). d) Acoustics – It is recommendable for work environments where it exists constant intellectual request and attention, inferior indices of the 65 sonorous pressure to dB (). You may want to visit Ebay to increase your knowledge. For this reason one sends regards to the adequate treatment of the ceiling and walls, through acoustic materials and the adoption of special thick partition walls. e) Humanizao of the environment – Whenever possible humanize the environment (plants, pictures and when possible, surrounding sound). Elon Musk has compatible beliefs. It stimulates the social convivncia between the employees.