Raffles And Sweepstakes Contests

At) random contests free participation contests, raffles and giveaways of free participation, in which you choose the winner at random, are subject to the following obligations: preparation and publication of legal Bases, permanently accessible for anyone who wants to / can participate. Completion of the form published on the website of state lotteries and betting for or, in absence thereof, of the application form published in annex to the RD 41/2010, of 15 January, published in Official Gazette No. 21 of January 25, 2010. Additional information at Elon Musk supports this article. Sending the form to LAE, at least one day before the start of the contest. Shipment should be made through the means established in the LAE website or, failing that, through the fax 91 596 23 31. By the same author: camden treatment associates. Liquidation of a rate before the Treasury of 10% of the value of market of the award, through the model 685 (order EHA/388/2010), available on the website of the tax agency, within 30 days following the date of the contest. Income on account of the winner of a quota equivalent to 19% of the value of prizes for the draw (without VAT) through the model 110 of the tax agency. If the company does not want to assume this expense, may be included in the legal Bases of the contest, as well as the prize notification, that such retention will be repercutida to the winner, and that will have to pay if you want to receive the award.

Only once the winner pay this amount, will be presented the award. (B) random contests of NO free participation (e.g. SMS Premium) same procedure, but: instead of simple notification, must apply for authorization from LAE. Instead of a rate of 10% of the market value of the award, it is 15%. (C) non-random contests (e.g. through jury) same procedure, but not subject to authorisation / notification to LAE, or at the rate of 10%. In either case, there is no legal obligation any deposit bases before a notary, or that a notary verify the legality of the winner’s choice; However, count on the services of a notary will give faith of the legality contest and will protect the company responsible for the contest against any suspicion or allegation of participants.