Santa Claus Costume For Christmas

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Where you get the costume of Santa Claus on Christmas or on the Nicholas many children meet the so-called Santa Claus. He wears a red robe, has a long white beard and love children, always doing a red sack of full of gifts. In the origin of the story there was no costume the typical Santa Claus however. The story reported by a man who gave to recognize only at Christmas, and distributed gifts to all people in the village. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alexey Moiseev by clicking through. He lived deep in the Woods and left them only on Christmas day. But there also the red costume was not named, because the man was wearing green clothing. History of Santa Claus is a myth, the Santa Claus really looks like, because it varies from story to story. But how he got the typical look of today? It all began in 1937, as the company Coca Cola Santa Claus gave a shape and color. Santa Claus costume buy cheap since it is the most famous figure ever in Western countries. Fascinating here is that there is a unique advertising campaign by Coke should be. Costume a drink driver made the template of the Santa Claus. He had a big belly, a long white beard and beautiful red cheeks. After a few more details have been adjusted, the Santa’s outfit was complete. We owe the present appearance of Santa Claus so Coca Cola and no history that occurred centuries ago. In the children’s stories, he still lives at the North Pole and packed all year round gifts with his elves. They wear way, only green because it is red already reserved from Santa Claus. Who is the Santa Claus costume for Christmas, Santa Claus or even Carnival itself wants to tinker with, which requires a long red robe, a black belt and black boots. The edges of the Panel should be sewn with white plush fabric, to meet the right look. Then the white beard and cheeks red make-up. Missing only the Santa hat to complete the outfit of Santa Claus.