Sergei House

But in our new house – new plumbing! Do you? Everyone knows the expression of works by Sergei "And we have " sets up rights on new, relevant, and that of another. That's why buying a new apartment or buying a new house, it's time to think about the first transformation most rooms – bathroom and toilet You do not need something out of the ordinary, the major components – plumbing, ceramic tile, ceramic can be granite, assistance of experienced professionals and, of course, your imagination. And each "inner world" is very different, and there is even a "secret rooms" in which just and crux of the matter ", that is creativity. But absolutely not everyone can just dig up the treasure. Therefore, our creative ideas to help you create a new house is really "new", with fresh ideas and new building materials.

So, before you go to the store for it is required to, have to figure out what appearance of the bathroom is necessary for your family. After you've selected tiles, porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, toilets must be the exact requirement of your family desires. Option Suite. You young family, very tiny, but has officially formalized. Ahead of the honeymoon and sensual day and night Therefore, the bathroom is not only a place for swimming, it's the most intimate and personal place in the house. Why bathroom room is not connected with the bedroom? Excellent opportunity for a husband to admire the morning or evening dresses bride.