Series: The Customer Touch Point Management (part 4)

The optimization of customer contact points at the points of customer contact is evident what are the promise of a company. At every touch point, namely customer collects impressions, which is compact to an overall picture: this company is permanently right for me – or not. In the opinion of the customers is always subjective, often disparagingly, sometimes unfair, maybe wrong but it is the opinion of the customers he asked or unasked will pass. Therefore: all contact points are defined (part 2) and is parsing it is created (part 3), to be set in the next step the target plan and the action plan based on. If it does not exist, it may be first necessary to develop minimum standards for individual touch points and to define service promise (do’s and dont’s). Very important: management – whose application is for everyone in the company obligation.

Who can’t do that, or wants to, has no place in the company. Lead training and storytelling aimed in particular with the customer-oriented employees must the service basics are regularly practiced and discussed everything in flesh and blood passes – and not artificial in the customer contact or unzureichendwirkt. Depending on the situation, appropriate training to design a customer-friendly setting and a home are to develop employee behavior. More information is housed here: Barclays. The storytelling has proven very well in this context. This involves what behavior at each contact point matching stories that illustrate desired and success is promising – and what not. Such stories can be documented on the intranet, internal wikis, or Unternehmensblogs, and it can be discussed together within the framework of regular meetings. So control is ‘ no longer from above, but the team instead.

They together discuss what fits and what does not. Knowledge is developed in this way not one-dimensional, but in Exchange, networked, and passed. Priorities from the perspective of the customer is clear to all that, be in the The frame the priorities of the action plan then set.