Social Media Twitter Seminar

With 140 characters in the world of social media social win media not only in the private sector in importance, but also for the communication of companies. Makers of medium-sized companies, who plan a well-thought-out started of their company in the world by Twitter & co., gain an in-depth overview of opportunities and limitations of social media in a seminar in Cologne. With 140 characters in the world of social media newcomer in the world of social media want to especially know a commitment of their company makes the most sense on which the social media platforms and as the entry is best. Filed under: Millenium Management. In the business computer scientist and co-author of the book “Twitter with 140 characters to Web 2.0? have exactly the right contact to the participants of this seminar in Cologne. The speaker is progressively pragmatic close to bring newcomers get started in Twitter and other social media. Participants gain valuable tips, for example, to the use of social media in the communication strategy and establishing an internal Communication structure for the social media. Twitter as an introduction to social media use one of these tips is, for example, to restrict first on a platform at the entrance into the social media world, and initially to gain their first experience with a private account.

For a such “key up” the microblog Twitter is particularly well due to its ease of use. The seminar participants in Cologne meet other social media platforms in addition to Twitter and also gain insight into what social media platform for what kind of company is best suited. These possibilities are known, it is important to find out which of these social media platforms the customers of the company are best accessible. Social media policy right in this social media are the largest the chances of success for a commitment of the company. In the following, it is important to establish a social media policy and guidelines.

This means to determine who in the name of the company on what social media channels such as and what communicate must, should or must. At best, a company establishes an enterprise account via the official news from the company, spread preferably by an employee authorised specifically for this purpose. Who twitters here? This social media manager position also accepts comments and postings of readers “officially”. However, animate jobs, about their private accounts to support the reputation of the company, unwanted may be consequences. So problems are inevitable, when employees may carelessly express their private opinion on a subject that differs from the official point of view of the company. Readers perceive the content as official corporate opinion at a blurry separation of private account and information about the company. Seminar on social media in Cologne, Germany to be prepared for such tasks, get the participants of the seminar “Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co.” in Cologne field-tested advice about the pitfalls of social media world as well as examples for Best practices. This seminar is specifically aimed at decision makers and employees in marketing and sales and takes place on the Seattle Sounders in Cologne. This seminar is offered in October and November, 2011 also in Mannheim, Munich, Erfurt, Hamburg, Kassel. The respective dates consulting and training are available on the website seminars and trainings the I.O. BUSINESS.