Solar Activity

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Sun is a giant ball of plasma, with its plasma has high electrical conductivity. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on the matter. That's why in addition to nuclear reactions with the heat, the sun can also cause electromagnetic fields – strong enough to influence the planets in our solar system. The concept of solar activity includes a complex of phenomena associated with the formation of solar magnetic fields. Relatively stable magnetic field Sun also provides the stability of electromagnetic systems on Earth. But at times of high solar activity the work of conductive systems may be temporarily disrupted, and may change the mental state people due to the influence of magnetic fields on the human brain.

Solar activity is cyclic, its peaks can be predicted with a fairly high degree of reliability. Observations showed that the peaks of activity occur every 11 years. According to this "calendar", the beginning of the next peak is expected in 2011. Also, astronomers and meteorologists learned to predict the depth and strength of solar activity – because any fluctuation of the electromagnetic field of the sun inevitably entails a change in Earth's magnetic field. Specialists National Center for Atmospheric Research conducted the solar dynamics simulation and found that the next peak in solar activity will be particularly strong. Its capacity will surpass the last peak of about 40%, according to researchers. In order to explain several anomalies in the sun, observed in the past, a team of astronomers led by Dr.

Mausumom Dikpati the National Center for Atmospheric Research has developed a so-called "dynamo model of magnetic flux transport." This model is based on the hypothesis that the number of sunspots associated with the current plasma of the sun. In addition to this factor, it takes into account the conditions of rotation of the sun and especially its physics. Scientists were able to accurately describe the processes inside the Sun and on its surface, causing ultra-high electromagnetic activity of the sun at certain times. A dynamo model of magnetic flux-transport made it possible to create a picture of the active light in the past – and the reliability of these reports was about 98%. It is from this model calculation of solar astronomers concluded that the extraordinary power of the next solar peak. Strong fluctuations of electromagnetic fields of the sun can lead to the conclusion of the system of systems power on Earth, communication systems, and may also affect the mental state of animals and humans on the planet.