Spanish Association

The study has been realised in accordance with the criteria demanded by the Spanish Association of Franquiciadores (AEF), and even by the own Spanish legislation (Real Decree 419/06) in its consideration of consolidated tax exemption, and has contemplated exclusively those tax exemptions that satisfied the three requirements simultaneously following: – To present/display a global dimension in its chains of at least four units of business. – That at least two of the points of business of their chains are units franchise-holders. – To have initiated its expansion in tax exemption makes at least two exercises. mundoFranquicia consulting finishes elaborating the report " The Tax exemption in Numbers 2009" , according to which in our country 84.4% of national origin operate 823 companies franchisors (695 chains) and 15.6% rest coming from other countries (128 networks) . Of these 823 standards, 388 ( 47.1%) belong to the sector services; 313 (a 38%) to the activity of retail, and the 122 rest (a 14.8%) to the sector of the restoration. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jayme Albin Psychologist . Altogether, all these companies add 61,702 operative establishments, of which 11,173 (a 18.1%) are property of the power stations and the other 50,529 work in franchise (a 81.9%). By sectors, they are the companies of services those that more establishments add, with a total of 32,644, by the 23,553 that agglutinate the marks dedicated to retail, and the 5,505 that has those of restoration.

Invoicing The volume of business that reached the system of franchise in Spain, at the end of the 2009 exercise, was of 19.635.851.452 Euros. A number that approximately represents a 9% of the invoicing of the retail commerce in our country. The sector of the hotel trade/restoration was the one that invoiced more in 2009, with 6,246, 7 million Euros, followed by the one of feeding, integrated by 20 chains which they invoiced 2,170, 3 million of Euros, and the travel agencies, with 31 marks and a volume of business of 1,356 million Euros.