Spirent Presents New, Portable Test Solution Spirent Avalanche/290

Spirent Avalanche/290 new test solution provides secure, high-performance networks in the company of Munich, November 2008 – Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading international supplier of performance testing and service assurance systems for the IT / telecommunications sector, has announced the global launch of Spirent Avalanche/290. The portable load testing solution enables the CIO of a company, networks before the incoming commissioning tests under. So, you can meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, capacity, performance and quality-of-experience (QoE). The versatile and cost-efficient testing unit from Spirent already supports companies in creating reliable cost-risk analysis for network upgrades and that prior to the introduction of new services or the binding commitment of service level agreements (SLAs). When it comes to the deployment of networks, IT departments are increasingly under pressure. After all, employees want and Provided reliable and secure on-demand services customers can access”, explains Ahmed Murad, General Manager multimedia applications at Spirent Communications. Spirent Avalanche/290 opened companies a cheap way to reduce, in conjunction with network problems and applications both costs and risks arise. While failures, which can be caused by security vulnerabilities or performance bottlenecks, be prevented, optimal throughput and access times are ensured.” Spirent Avalanche/290 supports testing of application traffic on layer 4-7 at various points of the network infrastructure.

The solution simulates Ethernet layer up to 250,000 users and line rate Gigabit 4-7 traffic and thus provides all necessary test functions and features for large companies. With its small size and light weight of 3.2 kilograms, Spirent Avalanche/290 is ideal for testing new network applications such as, for example, satellite-based Suitable Internet access on the plane. As an independent entity, Spirent Avalanche/290 can simulate both real clients and servers. While users benefit from numerous advantages: on the one hand numerous clients the performance of real network manager can evaluate server hosting, Web applications, email, or other services. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as rusty holzer by clicking through. In the reverse case, simulated server against real clients can be tested.

Or the test unit emulates both clients under real-world conditions as well as server applicable in testing firewalls or security access and contentsensiblen devices simultaneously. All scenarios are possible without the use of additional equipment. Spirent Avalanche/290 is part of Spirent Avalanche family. The Spirent Avalanche series is the industry’s leading solution for the test layer 4-7 applications. The platform also has the ability to generate traffic at a rate of up to 10 GB / s. In addition to the direct testing of trunk Spirent Avalanche/290 can the impact of multiple GigE ports, ports also the 10 GB / s connected, check out. Spirent Avalanche/290 supports all major protocols, including HTTP 1.0/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, streaming media, IPv6, voice (SIP), mail (SMTP/POP3), DNS, SSL, Telnet, 802.1Q VLAN tagging, IPSec, 802. 1 x, and PPPoE, as well as a number of enterprise applications via the capture / replay function.