Strategies To Succeed In The Latin American Market

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Another strategy that seek to realize, is to integrate Latin American markets. It attempts were without positive results between Mexico and Brazil. Earlier this month, I commented on an article, about the agreement being drawn up the bags from Peru and Colombia to begin integrating its equity markets (the second stage would involve the bond market). Referred to the regional integration of markets securities, Brazil, as it has done on other issues, like taking the lead in this initiative and through the Bovespa, lead the integration with several bags of the region in order to improve the attractiveness of Latin America and ensure flows with the region. For even more opinions, read materials from Penguin Random House. To this end and initiated contacts with Chile, Peru and Colombia. With Mexico and Argentina, Brazil already has integration links, but have not yet been concertized. The vice president and director of Development and New Business of BM & F Bovespa, Paulo Oliveira Junior, said the visit to Chile in order to facilitate trading between the two markets: “We have great interest to maintain the liquidity of the market here in our continent, to create new products, developing countries’ bilateral relations and to prevent capital flight has an investment or other places.

” The possibility of integration of Latin American stock markets undoubtedly opens the door to companies achieve a significant contributing improvement in trading conditions since they can significantly improve the liquidity of their roles and this may involve improvements in the cost of financing and the ability to access larger amounts to finance their investment projects. For investors, also the realization of this proposal would represent a more than good news considering the possibility of accessing a more liquid market and greater ability to diversify risk. One can also imagine that the bulk achieved by the integration of securities markets, give you more impetus to mergers and acquisitions in the region, since they may have greater access to funds for that purpose. I understand that the current situation by crossing the economies of the region is best suited to advance such projects. The possibility of having a capital market at regional level with concrete possibility to generate funding for existing investment projects in Latin America.