Supply Chain

This service has that to be structuralized by people who know and dominate its processes, that this alignment to balance the efficiency and the effectiveness, must create value and also to become the sustainable project with the envolvement of all stakeholders, and in services must analyze the necessities, information and later evaluating these processes for a decision taking carrying through procedures better that our competitors resulting in low quality, costs, time and flexibility in the delivery of results of the carried through processes and/or products of stated periods inside stipulated that cause the confidence in the activities of support and support, inside of an integration of the distribution canals, relationship, politics everything this fond to have a comparative and competitive advantage in the carried through services, therefore a good work and the services has an importance in the operations for the transformation of processes in results preset in logistic strategies that have that well to be lined up. As I castrate (2004) the logistic cost is the somatria of the cost of the transport, the cost of storage and the cost of supply maintenance. For Rodrigues (2002) the Suppliment Chain (Supply Chain) as concept follows used for the companies of tip in the area of logistic, observed the characteristics between company, suppliers and customers, as much with regard to flows of products, information and financiers. Figure 2 – Integrated process of the Suppliment Chain. For more specific information, check out Les Moonves. Source: Rodrigues (2002.p. 05). Logistic, Suprimentos Chain or Supply-Chain is complex sectors and varies of in agreement each organization, and the sector of distribution services, specifically inside of this context it must well be molded and be planned for its success so that its purpose reach inside of the logistic and administrative procedures together with the ability of its collaborators is ' ' almost impecvel' ' guided for the customer is internal and or external, then we see that one becomes necessary the accompaniment, studies and boardings with an agreement of the operations and the logistic sincronia of the processes and services so that its elements become the process sine-qua-non. .