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“Start the first private placements in the field of renewable energy based in Walchwil/ZG asset management Swiss Premium Group currently launches its first private placements in the field of renewable energies and their self-image of Swissness in finance also remains in this segment” faithful. We know the system pressure under which many money managers and big investors are to realize stable and secure Cash Flows for portfolios,”explains Helge Quehl, Board of Directors of the Swiss Premium Group AG. For this reason the Swiss asset managers has signed a variety of interesting assets from the area of renewable energy, taking into account strict selection criteria analyzed and now the contracts is with a provider in the field of wind energy, allows just the concept of assets such cash flows at selectable capital from approximately 2 to 5 years. We believe to be well positioned in this segment and from investment amounts amounting to 750’000 Swiss francs or “Alternatively 600’000 euro immediately deliver”, as Quale. High confidence in the quality of the investment structure and the selected product partners supported the Swiss Asset Manager, not least with the own compensation structure. We take only a small fee, which covers just under our own financial outlay from the due diligence and structuring at the beginning. Really will earn we only, if the investor plus has received back his capital a minimum return”, as Quale. It is to be noted that this fee structure geared to profit the more risk averse fully shock with projects or similar valuable rights (such as through management rights, etc.) secured both is valid when the investment models designed for maximum yield.

The renewable energy market is not only in vogue since the decision on the closure also the Swiss nuclear reactors. For several years a development takes in almost all European countries with the aim of an energetic realignment Instead of. Almost all studies in the high growth potential of green businesses”and as a result more and more portfolio managers realign their investment strategies. We believe that we have created a good investment alternative with our combination of embossed entrepreneurial approach and smart security architecture that is characterized in particular by a largely independent of the stock and bond markets income profile”, explains the Walchwiler asset managers. Indeed, the range of reasonable investments in this segment has become scarce but in the meantime. The Swiss Premium Group now comes to good that it has prepared the entry into this market segment for more than a year and the main contacts were already closely linked before the events in Fukushima, which triggered a massive increase in demand for attractive projects. For more information,