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Distribution Production

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Continental the Tires possess a structure of direct distribution, that are systems in ' ' that the products are forwarded


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Education to have courage to defy logic, to lose the fear to make a mistake and to add value to

Creative Success

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The great leader is not the distinctive 0 variable that forms a visionary company. A great idea also not. The

Japanese Toyota

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This measure was convenient to the United States, since the geographic localization of Japan the flow of the production to


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The planning is basic so that all the involved ones can have conscience of its respective ones responsibilities, and so

Pablo Galindo Morales

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Readers. The imensido sees the sea with all that it has, it only obtains to have this largeness because it

Internal The

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Arch Shaw, showed that: ‘ ‘ Physical The relationship between the activities of demand creation and supply illustrates the existence


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Introduction This work approaches the satisfaction that the waiters of the Yacamim Restaurant must have when serving the customer. This

The System

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It can be perceived that the communication today has the effective paper of support for a well structuralized model of

The Company

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To know to conquer people and to involve them with its intention of business. To have domain of cause and